Kate Plus 8's single side

Aug 10, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Jon and Kate Plus 8 premiered August 3 in record numbers. Only six weeks after they publicly announced their separation, Jon and Kate are taking their family back in front of cameras for forty episodes this season -- another debuts tonight.

Kate Gosselin has a good attitude about being singleAs people seem to be either on Team Kate or Team Jon, viewers of Jon and Kate Plus 8 tuned into one of the top rated reality shows on television to see Jon work on remodeling a kitchen and Kate trying to set up a tent for a camp out. However, it seems that Jon was significantly absent from the family reality show as Kate took the reigns as matriarch of her eight children.

You may recall the couple hit skidsville a few months ago when Jon was spotted and consequently photographed in a car with a twenty-something woman. Interestingly enough, this was soon after the couple renewed their wedding vows after ten years of marriage! In any event, they're certainly fodder for tabloids lately and even the show has followed suit. Instead of an interview couch, Jon and Kate now have separate interview chairs.

While Jon and Kate Plus 8 viewers may of course want a glimpse of how the couple will interact with each other going forward, it seems the children, the ultimate focus of the show, will remain in the spotlight. After all the gossip dwindles down, will Jon be in the picture or will he be in Manhattan as previously reported? Will Kate be able to handle the pressure of handling eight children on her own? Will they perhaps work together towards their common goal of raising their kids and get past the failed marriage? Lucky for viewers there are thirty-nine more episodes to watch.

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