Michael Jackson lawyers see dollar signs

Aug 5, 2009 at 3:00 p.m. ET

Michael Jackson's lawyers overseeing his estate seem to be drooling at the prospect of an enormous spike in earnings now that the King of Pop is dead.

Michael Jackson everything is selling worldwideNew documents released recently show that Michael Jackson dead is worth serious cash. We're talking stratosphere cash!

Between record and single digital downloads and traditional sales heat, plus the merchandise with anything Michael Jackson, the Jackson estate king are reporting potential earnings in the "high eight figures."

Excuse me?

But, judging by the 50-million plus Graceland alone brings in from revenue from Elvis visitors and the tens of millions earned from record sales and downloads -- The King of Rock has set a pretty high financial bar for earnings after death.

If Neverland is restored to a Graceland type stature with it decorated as it was when Michael Jackson lived there, the earning potential of the sure-to-be California landmark would be immense. Not to mirror the sound of a broken record, but Jackson's record sales continue to be off the charts. Elvis, don't get me wrong, is fantastic, but he does not have the pop hit factory that Jackson possesses.

Jackson's estate, although in parts in financial turmoil, will recover and his children (recently legally awarded to their grandmother Katherine Jackson) will certainly be well off for their entire lives.

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