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America’s Got Talent premieres top 40

America’s Got Talent presents its top 40 and More to Love gives us more reasons to love.

Make it or Break It...the definition of guilty pleasure

Make it or Break It

Last night was my guilty pleasures night, which included three hours of NCIS reruns and Make It or Break It on ABC Family. I’m not really sure why I keep going back to Make It
or Break It
. It’s not all that well written or acted but there’s something so wonderfully overly dramatic that hooks me every time. Last night Lauren stole the heirloom necklace that Carter
gave Kaylie, got busted for it by her soon-to-be stepmother then returned it to Kaylie, pretending that she’d found it under a mat at the gym. This, of course, had Kaylie doing the hugging, I love
that we’re best friends, bit because she has no idea that Lauren slept with her boyfriend and is a cheat and a liar. Sasha kicked Emily out of the gym, twice, because she won’t listen to him and
Emily’s mom is a total nutball. Payson’s dad lost his job but didn’t tell the family, now he has to move back to their old home so he can afford to keep Payson at the gym — everyone cries and I
can’t watch the big goodbyes or I’ll cry, too. Okay, so, that’s why I watch this show…moving on…

I also checked out TLC’s new cake competition show Ultimate Cake-Off and I wasn’t impressed. I watch all the cake shows, Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, Amazing Wedding
, Challenge (can you believe there are so many!) and this one fell short. Similar to Food Network’s Challenge, the familiar contestants have a short amount of time to
create a tremendous themed cake. This week it was sharks. Just to make it more interesting, they have these mini challenges through the competition and the winner gets to pick a team who must stop
work on their cake for thirty minutes. I don’t like that aspect because it makes it more of a game show and less about the artistry. I think a team should win or lose on the merits of their cake,
not their bad luck.

America's Got Talent Top 40 on NBCAll this
talk of cakes has me wishing for a red velvet cupcake from my favorite little shop down the street. I’ll go there while you stay here and see what’s on TV tonight.

Tonight’s top TV picks:

America’s Got Talent (9:00 NBC)

Finally, the performances begin. Tonight ten of the America’s Got Talent top 40 take the stage
in hopes of moving on to the next round.

More to Love (9:00 Fox)

The woman move into the mansion and the dating begins with a moonlight cruise and a pool party in Malibu.

Fox's More to Love throws a pool partyCan’t help but
think that was a strategic move, putting a bathing suit date right up front in a show about body issues or the lack thereof on More to Love.

Warehouse 13 (9:00 Syfy)

Two of my favorite actors Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis and the Tony Award winning James Naughton guest on tonight’s episode
about an artifact that allows you to walk through steel walls. You know, like the walls around a bank vault.

News and notable

First up, Kara DioGuardi is for sure, returning to American
. I know you were concerned.

Bethenney Frankel is back on Real HousewivesBethenny Frankel
says she’s returning to Real Housewives of New York City despite reports that she would be leaving for her own series.

E! has a new series called Reality Hell where people will be tricked into doing stupid things by making them believe they’re on a reality show — which, technically, they will be.

DIY is launching Run My Renovation, an interactive series similar to Blog Cabin where viewers will get to vote on how certain renovations are done in a house.

WE TV has yet another bridal themed show on the horizon, it’s called Girl Meets Gown and it’s set in a Texas bridal salon.

Photo credit:

Make It or Break It — Pictured Candace Cameron Bure. Photo: ABC Family / Isabella Vosmikova.

More To Love: Bachelor Luke Conley (C) gets to know a group of the ladies at a pool party. Patrick Wymore/Fox

Real Housewives of New York City — Pictured: Bethenny Frankel — Bravo Photo: Andrew Eccles

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