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Dwayne Johnson’s races to Witch Mountain

Race to Witch Mountain, out on DVD and Blu-ray August 4, finds its star, Dwayne Johnson, taking on a ’70s classic. Johnson talks about the new millennium update and directs his answers squarely at his youngest fans.

Race to Witch Mountain DVD rocks our house

How would Dwayne Johnson describe Race to Witch Mountain?

Race To Witch Mountain is a huge action
adventure that is going to blow people away. I play a guy called Jack Bruno, who is a Las Vegas cab driver and the story is about two kids who get inside his cab. They take him on the journey of a

What happens?

Well, the two kids aren’t quite what they seem. We soon learn that they are running away from the government, as well as an alien monster. We’re all thrown into an amazing journey
within the first 10 minutes of the film!

Why did you decide to Race to Witch Mountain?

I wanted to make a big family action adventure and this seemed perfect. There are some great car chases, as well as combat scenes, comedy and loads of amazing action. I’m really excited about

You are in so many, do you enjoy action movies personally?

I love action movies, which is why I wanted to be part of one. I wanted to make sure that this movie was up there with the best of them. I honestly think it is.

Your fave?

There are two recent action movies that really stand out for me. The last Bourne movie is one of them and the last Bond movie is the other. I like the way they’re shot in a
very energetic and real way.

Dwayne, how do action scenes stand out in Race To Witch Mountain?

For starters, there’s an amazing alien monster for me to fight. This thing kicks butt! I’ll tell you one thing for sure: When that alien punches me in the face, I flew across the room.
Not only did it hurt – because I’m hitting walls for real – but it’s also great action. You’re going to love it when you see it.

Do you own stunts, Mr former-wrestler?

I love stunts. Thankfully, I was allowed to do everything I wanted to do in Race To Witch Mountain, which made me very happy. What did I do? I did all of
the great car chase sequences and I did all of the fighting scenes with the soldiers and the monster alien. It was a lot of fun.

Finally…do you believe in aliens?

Of course I do. It would be extremely arrogant to think we were alone in this universe. I’ve always been fascinated by aliens and UFOs – and I learned a lot about them while making this
movie. The director, Andy Fickman, is a wealth of knowledge on aliens and UFOs. I learned so much about them by spending four months with him. He had so many videos and books on the subject that it
was like he took us all on a course.

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