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Funny People finishes first

Judd Apatow’s film Funny People laughed all the way to first place raking in $23.4 million dollars.

Although industry experts are eyeing up this coming weekend with the release of Julie & Julia and GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, they’re lamenting this past weekend as a
lull in the summer box office.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince came in second at $17.7 million. Meanwhile, G-Force sailed into third place with
$17.1 million. Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler’s romantic comedy, The Ugly Truth, came in fourth at $13 million and
Aliens in the Attic reached $7.8 million.

This past weekend was considered just that: weak. Essentially the top ten films brought in $106 million which was twenty-five percent less than the same weekend last year. Funny People did
not disappoint as it proved to be another Judd Apatow hit. (You may recall his other films like The 40 Year-Old Virgin which opened at $21.4 million and Knocked Up with $30.7

Adam Sandler, Eric Bana and get funny

Although his other two films started out relatively low by industry standards, they ended up soaring so insiders have a hunch the same will happy to Funny People.

Harry Potter fans did not stray from their favorite wizard as Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince stayed strong in
second place. Here’s why: this past week the flick expanded into 160 IMAX theaters across the country. It was supposed to be released in IMAX along with regular theaters but apparently the
Transformers flick had owned all of the dates prior to recently as the Harry Potter flick was pushed back from last fall
until this summer. Too much information perhaps?

In any event, although the weekend was a bit softer than normal by industry standards, what could be better than a hot, humid summer afternoon than getting a few hours of mind candy in a cold,
relaxing theater with some of today’s hottest stars?

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