The Divorce Party review

Aug 5, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Laura Dave's book The Divorce Party has been optioned by Universal Pictures for Jennifer Aniston and her production partner. It's no wonder, because the book is as delicious as the red velvet cake Gwyn Huntington whips up for her husband (his favorite) at a party to celebrate their divorce.

Laura Dave's The Divorce Party

Icing on the Divorce Party cake

It may sound a bit bizarre (after all, my parents couldn't be in the same room after their divorce, let alone throw a party to honor it), but apparently divorce parties are the new rage. And Dave has captured the bittersweet reality of this end-of-a-marriage celebration in this absorbing story.

The book bounces between two points of views on a single day. Gwyn is the older woman, married for thirty-five years and putting final touches on her divorce party.

Maggie, engaged to Gwyn's son Nate, is meeting his family for the first time (imagine meeting your future in-laws at their divorce party?!) Both women in The Divorce Party are at a crossroads: one woman at the end of marriage, another at the beginning.

The day unfolds like Gwyn's rich, layered divorce party cake – sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter and completely full of secrets and surprises that will keep you turning the page until the party's over.

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