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So You Think You Can Dance selects final four

So You Think You Can Dance narrows the field while She’s Got the Look has its finale.

Ade and Jeanine do the Samba on July 29 So You Think You Can DanceOn Wednesday nights, my DVR gets overloaded with things to watch so some shows, like Top Chef Masters have to be pushed off for another evening (so don’t tell me who
won!). Most of the night, at least for one more week, is devoted to So You Think You Can Dance.

There were some fine performances last night on So You Think You Can Dance and you can read all about them in my full recap here!

Before that, thanks to the magic of time shifting, I watched a fun new episode of Leverage. The plot revolved around a
hedge fund manager who had bilked his hard-working clients out of millions. Everyone knows the man has hidden the loot, so all the team has to do is get him to go for the cash when he thinks no one
is looking, take it from him, then send him off to jail. But this is Leverage, so it’s a complicated process involving a fake deadly virus and an engineered escape, and a hit man. It was a
little harder to believe than some episodes, but still an enjoyable hour of TV.

After that it was Toddlers and Tiaras with a young missy who goes by Tootie when she’s doing pageants and Madison when she’s just being a regular girl. I know people use stage names and I
know kids love to pretend, but I think this child is on her way to having a legitimate personality break. I wonder what would happen if Madison decided to compete in a pageant against Tootie…now
that would be something to see.

I’ll ponder that conundrum while you take a look at what’s on TV tonight.

Tonight’s top TV picks:

So You Think You Can Dance (9:00 FOX)

This is the last results show before the winner is crowned and two more dancers must be eliminated. Will your favorite make it through to the finale? You’ll find out tonight.

She’s Got the Look (9:00 TV Land)

In tonight’s She’s Got the Look finale, the three finalists are off to Miami where they’ll model for a jungle-themed bathing suit spread. Then they’ll have to strut their stuff on the
catwalk before the winner is crowned. Who will it be? Theresa, LeeAnne or Cindy?

She's Got the Look has its finale on TVLand

Surf Patrol (9:00 Travel)

It's Me or the Dog will be back on Animal PlanetIt’s not just
a day at the beach when the Surf Patrol heads to work. They’ve got to deal with a jet ski accident, a near drowning and a surfer who goes missing. It’s a Surf Patrol mini-marathon
that includes two new episodes of this summery docudrama about the men and women who keep you safe while you’re having fun.

News and notable

It’s Me or the Dog returns to Animal Planet this Saturday with several summer-themed episodes.

Man vs Food returns to the Travel Channel on August 5.

TLC has renewed Cake Boss for a second season. (Yeah.)

Universal Studios is in development on a remake of The Rockford Files with the creator of House at the helm.

Photo credit:
So You Think You Can Dance
: Ade Obayomi (L) and Jeanine Mason (R) perform a Samba choreographed by Louis van Amstel. Kelsey McNeal/Fox

She’s Got the Look — TVLand

It’s Me or the Dog — Pictured: Victoria Stilwell with springer spaniels. Photo: Animal Planet

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