So You Think You Can Dance recap: the top 6

Jul 30, 2009 at 2:55 a.m. ET

So You Think You Can Dance is knocking on its' finale's door and Nigel is singing the same song but with different lyrics. He's still saying that no one dancer is shining brighter than the rest, but he says the reason is because they're all so good. I do agree that they're all great dancers but the burden of the competition is weighing down some of them. Let's take a look at how they all did last night.

The SYTYCD guys grooveGuys do good

So You Think You Can Dance began the top three guys dancing a Willy Wonka-esque routine by Sonya. It was a very interesting piece with lots of unusual shapes and acrobatic elements with two dancers throwing and balancing the third. Ade commanded the most attention with his powerful movements but Evan managed to hold his own thanks in part to the smart choreography that took advantage of him being smaller than the other two. Lil C said it all when he offered Evan a backhanded compliment commending him for not getting "swallowed by the dominant excellence of Ade and Brandon."

After the commercial break Jeanine and Ade paired up for a Samba by Louis. He told them it wouldn't be a traditional Samba but still Mary slammed them hard for poor technique and steps that didn't belong in a Samba. There were places that didn't have that ballroom flow, particularly in the Samba rolls, but overall I like the piece. The judges didn't. Not one little bit. They took the air out of their room with some scathing remarks to Jeanine but mostly Ade. Ouch, that hurt.

Evan and Melissa were up next dancing to Get Me To the Church on Time from My Fair Lady. I was so excited to see Evan do this kind of old fashioned, comedy stage number but -- and it pains me to say this -- it didn't thrill me as it should. Lil C and I agreed that something was missing but we can't pin point what. It was well danced and cute but it didn't have that joyous spark of a true Broadway number.

Brandon and Kayla win a new fan in SheKnowsThe final first round dance was Brandon and Kayla. He's never been a favorite of mine but I had to give it to him for this routine. It was a contemporary piece by Stacy Tookey from So You Think You Can Dance Canada and it was gorgeous. The story revolved around Kayla as a mistress who can't walk away from the married man she loves. The emotion was intense, her passion and his cold shoulder -- heart wrenching. The judges loved it too and the mood in the room was lifted.

Halfway through the night they began to pad with video interviews answering the question, what would making the final mean to you. Then it was back to the rehearsal hall with Napoleon and Tabitha working out a hip-hop routine with Jeanine and Ade. The theme of the piece was eviction with a collection of small boxes as props. The dance did nothing for me but Lil C liked it and he's the expert. Mary started off by back pedaling on her earlier comments about Jeanine's Samba then gave them props for this dance, too.

Brandon: best solo ever

I don't usually comment on solos because they look all the same to me, but Brandon proved me wrong yet again with one of the best solos ever. Powerful and controlled and exciting -- the judges gave him a standing ovation and I don't think I've ever seen that on a solo before.

Then was time for a commercial break and this has been bugging me forever. You know that AT&T spot with the kids dressed as Hansel and Gretel? Gretel looks like a miniature Emily Deschanel from Bones and it makes me crazy every time I see it! Don't you agree?

Quickstep: kiss of death for Evan?

Quick Step has Evan and Melissa soaringOkay, back to the show. Evan and Melissa were back with a Quickstep, two of my favorite dancers and one of my favorite dances. I loved it. I thought Evan looked like Fred Astaire, Melissa had the best gown of the night, it was Brian Setzer Orchestra music and then those darned judges had to burst my bubble. Again they took Evan to task for not doing enough and slammed them both for losing the posture and bounce as the routine went on. I know we're heading for the finals but all of this negativity is making the night so hard to enjoy.

Brandon and Kayla took the stage as the final couple with a high-powered disco number. It was fun. It was loaded with dangerous lifts and it never stopped. Even Nigel jumped from his seat to shake his booty in response to this great number.

The evening ended with the top three girls dancing a superhero routine choreographed by Sonya. I didn't like it as much as I liked the boys' number. This one seemed sillier and not as challenging but the judges liked it and it was a fitting way to end the night.

The So You Think You Can Dance top 3 girls do their thingNow the votes are in and tonight we'll find out who is going to the final at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood next week. Who will be left out just one week short? Will it be Evan, Ade or Brandon for the boys or Kayla, Jeanine or Melissa for the girls?

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