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Vote for your favorite Rob Thomas video

Rob Thomas has released his Cradle Song CD and SheKnows is asking our readers to determine which Rob Thomas music video is his best and brightest.

Her Diamonds, Rob Thomas

Is Rob’s latest his greatest? Let us know as you choose the winner of the SheKnows’s readers’ favorite Rob Thomas video.

Smooth, Santana featuring Rob Thomas

Smooth arrived out of Thomas being asked by Santana to sing on his “duets” album in 1999 and the Matchbox 20 singer having a song with no lyrics that had at one point been
thought of for George Michael. Santana’s Supernatural album proved to be a huge hit, both with buyers and Grammys and Rob Thomas’ solo career was officially launched.

Ever the Same, Rob Thomas

What can be said about Ever the Same except that Rob Thomas fans were not the same after hearing it.

Little Wonders, Rob Thomas

Little Wonders shows a side of Rob Thomas that only hints were shown in Matchbox 20. Is it his best?

This is How a Heart Breaks, Rob Thomas

Whether it is or not, we don’t know, but SheKnows thinks that This is How a Heart Breaks is a musical sequel to Smooth. Thomas rocks on this track and the frenetic pace of
the video does not disappoint either.

Lonely No More, Rob Thomas

The idea that Rob Thomas could be lonely may be a foreign concept to his fans. But, traveling the world away from his beloved wife can take its toll on even the strongest rock star. But, that is
what makes reuniting so sweet.

Give Me the Meltdown, Rob Thomas

Nothing gets a guy to calm down from an utter meltdown than having another man in a gorilla suit run by at random. If you ask SheKnows…any video that makes you LOL is tops in our book.

Or, perhaps your passion is for the classic…two by Rob Thomas with Matchbox 20:

Unwell, Matchbox 20

Perhaps you believe that the best video work by Rob Thomas was when he was rocking with Matchbox 20? If so, is Unwell the one?

Disease, Matchbox 20

There may be more “favorite” Matchbox 20 songs, but few produced a video like Disease. It is a feast for the eyes.

Let us know your favorite Rob Thomas video below!

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