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Bachelorette and America’s Got Talent recaps

The Bachelorette closed a successful season with Jillian and Ed getting together. We’ve got your full report of the finale and the After the Finale Rose July 28 reunion as well as the America’s Got Talent recap.

Ed and Bachelorette Jillian are still together we're happy to report

Bachelorette: final report

I’m sorry to report that last night TV was more fizzle than sizzle. The Bachelorette’s After the Final Rose reunion show was surprisingly surprise free. Ed and Jillian are together and
they seem to be happy and that’s more than you usually get on these things. Melissa Rycroft stopped by the talk about how being jilted on national TV was the best thing that ever happened to her
and Reid and Kiptyn took a few moments to tell the world that love hurts. No big announcements, no breakdowns, no huge confessions. Amazing.

America’s Got Talent recap

America’s Got Talent also spent an hour saying nothing at all under
the guise of Vegas week. After putting through 160 acts, they realized they had to thin the herd right away, so they made cuts while the crowd was still at the airport. Seriously, that’s mean. Why
did they bring those people all the way to Vegas only to turn around and send them home? I dearly hope that was just a ploy for TV and those cut really got to stay and enjoy at least a few days
vacation. After that it was a confusing montage of the judges deliberating then pulling out acts to either cut or keep but the way the episode was edited you were never sure who they were talking
to. Tonight will be more of the same and then…if I’m understanding this correctly…40 acts hop back on a plane for Los Angeles and everyone else goes home? Someone please tell me, when will I
get to see people performing their talents, because that’s the part of the show I like.

On the upside, I’m still loving Ruby & the Rockits. On last night’s episode, Poor Ruby was crushed when David disappeared on the night of the father-daughter dance prompting Patrick to
have to step in, once again, to clean up after his irresponsible brother. It’s interesting, I came into the show as a fan of David and Shaun Cassidy but funny, charming Patrick is the one stealing
my heart.

Don’t miss my visit to the Ruby set here!

Tonight’s top TV picks:

So You Think You Can Dance (8:00 Fox)

There are only six dancers left on So You Think You Can Dance so that means more group dances and more fluff as they struggle to find a way to fill two whole hours. Expect a disco
number, a Tyce Broadway routine and my favorite, the Quick Step!

Tim Hutton and his Leverage gang

Leverage (9:00 TNT)

In an episode right out of the old TV show Mission Impossible, the team fakes a deadly viral outbreak at a hospital in order to get a thief to cop to the location of the stolen loot.

Top Chef Masters (10:00 Bravo)

It’s the first match-up in the Championship Round for Top Chef
and the chefs will have to create a signature dish, only it won’t be their own.

News and notable

Alfre Woodard has joined the cast of Alex O’Loughlin’s Three Rivers.

Toby Maguire’s mother and younger brother will be the stars of a new reality series about their struggles in Hollywood.

The bottle that bitesUSA Network has renewed Royal
and Burn Notice.

All Flavor. No Bite. Tru Blood the beverage will soon be available in stores. You can preorder yours now at the HBO website store.

Photo credit:

Bachelorette — Pictured Jillian Harris, Edward. Photo: ABC/ Mario Perez

Leverage — Pictured: Timothy Hutton, Beth Riesgraf and Gina Bellman. Photo: TNT.

Tru Blood Beverage — HBO

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