Harry Potter falls to G-Force

Jul 27, 2009 at 3:07 p.m. ET

The 3-D, family friendly G-Force took home box office gold this weekend with $32.2 million according to studio estimates on Sunday. G-Force knocked the prior box office king, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince off its top spot.

Guinea pigs did in the boy wonder wizardWe knew it was only going to be a matter of time and time tells all: wizard Harry Potter is still a mainstay at the box office this summer, only now he's stepping aside for a new front runner.

G-Force's hybrid of live action with computer-generated animation proved to be a winner, guinea pigs and all with its voiceovers from Nicolas Cage, Tracy Morgan and Penelope Cruz.

However, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince didn't do too shabby as it came in a close second place with industry estimates at $30 million this past weekend. Keep in mind its opening weekend last week was $79.5 million!

As for third place? The romantic comedy with Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler, The Ugly Truth which opened in $27 million -- quite respectable for a romantic comedy fighting wizards and secret agent rodents.

Starting this week Harry Potter may pick up some box office box as its flick will begin showing on 166 IMAX screens nation wide. Keep in mind, last year's Harry Potter flick did that from day one of its release.

Not to be forgotten, Warner Brothers released a horror movie this weekend, Orphan, which came in fourth place with an opening weekend of $12.8 million. In the film, a couple adopts a little girl who's not as sweet as she first seems. The Hangover is still in contention as it pulled in $6.5 million this weekend and has raked in over $247 million since its release this summer. In other news, Bruno fell to tenth place with $2.7 million. Goodbye, Bruno!

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