Rihanna and Chris Brown reunited?

Jul 27, 2009 at 2:57 p.m. ET

Rihanna and Chris Brown are secretly staying in the same hotel in New York City. The rumor mill is hot with this latest chapter in the Chris Brown and Rihanna saga.

Rihanna goes solo at the London Ingorious Basterds premiereBrown recently made a public apology for abusing Rihanna back in February and has been banned from seeing Rihanna as per a restraining order issued in Los Angeles.Rihanna and Chris

Apparently Brown has checked into the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Manhattan. He arrived a few days ago and Rihanna had already been staying there as a guest. The two megawatt superstars have been entering and leaving the premises via chauffeured cars in the underground garage in Columbus Circle in midtown west.

We can't even imagine being under that public scrutiny and oh yes, the paparazzi! They have not been seen together nor photographed together for that matter either. And apparently decoy vehicles have been used to mislead reporters and photogs. Neither of the stars have public events or promotional appearances at the moment in Manhattan but she is apparently in the real estate market.

Brown looks like he has other items on the agenda including 1,400 hours of community service and five years of probation after admitting he battered and bruised Rihanna on February 8 in Los Angeles. Brown must stay fifty yards away from Rihanna or technically ten yards if they're attending the same music industry event. If it's determined that Brown has violated the order, he will lose the plea bargain and will end up being fully charged, even if Rihanna has given her consent.

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