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Cameron Diaz talks The Box

Cameron Diaz was eager to be a part of the world of Donnie Darko creator Richard Kelly in his latest, The Box. Alongside her director and co-star James Marsden, Diaz was clearly thrilled to be part of a featured-at-Comic-Con thriller.

“It talks about who we are as a society,” Diaz said. With its scene of hundreds of thousands of fans, Cameron Diaz had come to the
right place to talk about her latest foray into filmmaking — the science fiction-suspense thriller The Box.

“It’s so big,” Diaz said and let out her trademark laugh.

Cameron Diaz enters The Box

It was more of a nervous laugh. Twice in two months, Diaz is talking about a film that is considered a risk for the A-lister who conquers each genre she seeks. In June, it was My Sister’s
and her role as a mother who genetically creates a child to save another.

“Also, the way Richard did it had a real feel about it,” Diaz said of The Box’s unmatched way of building scary suspense. “It’s got that long Sci-Fi
what’s-going-to-happen-next-feel-to-it. And it’s beautiful. Beautifully shot.”

Diaz, in our previous interview was serious and clearly beyond dedicated to My Sister’s Keeper. While discussing The Box,
Diaz illustrates a new side to the superstar.

“I’m a Sci-Fi geek,” she says. The Box has allowed her to channel her inner supernatural thrill-seeker.

“That’s what I love about Sci-Fi. I was a real Sci-Fi reader. It’s always something that I really enjoy. And also Richard’s feel for the film — when you see this film — it
has a really strong feel about it.”

Was playing a character continually dodged by terror an exhilarating effort?

“It was hard,” Diaz said. “It was really stressful.”

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