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Katie Holmes visits So You Think You Can Dance

Katie Holmes visits So You Think You Can Dance to celebrate the reality TV hit hitting 100 episodes.

Summertime television used to mean nothing but reruns and the occasional variety special — that’s not so anymore! Last night was overloaded with TV treats and I was only able to watch them all
because a few of the cable stations don’t time shift their HD feed!

I started my night with a new episode of Leverage. My son is training to be an MMA fighter, so this episode was right up my alley.
There was a great twist in the middle when the crooked fight promoter found out that Nate and the gang were con artists but he still go this comeuppance in the end. Brilliant.

Next was Day Three on Torchwood and it was the best installment yet! The aliens have arrived and they don’t want much, just 10-percent of the world’s children. Guess they
liked the small taste they got when they landed in the UK back in 1965. Can Captain Jack save the planet from these grubby, gruesome monsters? Of course he will, but how is the big question.

Big Brother 11 is new tonight on CBS

So You Think You Can Dance gave us the Top 8 dancers and
you can read all about that in my full recap here on Then it was over to America’s Got
for the final (yeah!) round of auditions. The judges were wowed by another child singer, this one an old soul from Hawaii, a group of tumblers and a piano playing protegee.
Now it’s on to Vegas week and no more bad acts like the choirmaster who can’t carry a tune and let’s all just try to forget snakeman and his handler, shall we? Don’t miss our weekly wrap-up of all
things America’s Got Talent not that the competition is getting serious!

I ended the night with much yelling at my TV thanks to that crazy doc-drama Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC. This show never ceases to amaze me, and make me want to pick up the phone to call
child protective services. Last night we met a mom with twin pageant girls, but according to her only one of the two deserves to win. Only one is beautiful and poised and charming — the
other…not so much. So I laughed my head off when the “lesser” of the two twins took home a top prize while her tantruming twin took second runner up. Watching the second place twin browbeat her
winning sister during the end credits was painfully funny. I sense a big fall coming for this little miss. Let’s just hope it happens before she’s too old to change.

Tonight’s top picks:

Smile! You're in the So You Think You Can Dance top 8

Big Brother 11 (8:00 CBS)

The do unto others rule could get one of the houseguests evicted tonight! Who will it be?

So You Think You Can Dance (9:00 Fox)

It’s the show’s 100th episode and a grand celebration will be had including returning favorites from past seasons and a show stopping number from Katie Holmes.

The Fashion Show (10:00 Bravo)

Last week, the final four designers on The Fashion Show presented their
collections in a fabulous runway show, but the audience only got to vote on three of the four. Who was the audience’s favorite designer? You’ll find out on tonight’s season finale.

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America’s Got Talent — Pictured: Contestants — NBC Photo: Chris Haston

Big Brother — Pictured: Jeff — Photo: CBS

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