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Dating in the Dark and Bachelorette seek love

Let’s see what we can learn from The Bachelorette and the new Dating in the Dark as tonight’s reality programs are all about love.

You can learn a lot from reality TV. I don’t mean Big Brother, but shows like Bobby Flay’s Throwdown, Design Star and Clean House. For example, after watching
another mini-marathon of Clean House this weekend, I decided to put what I’d learned into action. When my husband was wandering in the area of the huge “to be watched” DVD pile on the coffee table
I challenged him to instantly pick one thing he was willing to part with. One thing is easy, right? So he grabbed a DVD that he got as part of a buy one get one deal and handed it over. That
breakthrough led to him sorting out the whole DVD pile, which led to the discovery of a few he didn’t even realize he had. Thank you Clean House.

Design Star recap

Design Star began their new season last night and from them I learned pink geese can really light up a room. As always, the contestants had to design their own house — a home in the
Hollywood hills that had once belonged to Lucille Ball. The living room team did a lovely, subtle job, then Antonio gave the space a bit of spark with the hot pink geese flying over the fireplace.
When the judges asked who was responsible he seemed reluctant to step up and claim the credit. But he did and was praised as being brilliant.

The contestants of Design Star have at it

NataLee and Tashica didn’t fare as well at judging. They had a great concept but it came out sloppy with chipped paint on the floors, duct taped draperies and duvet covers that had been chopped in
half and left with an unfinished edge. NataLee was eliminated which is just as well since she really cracked under the pressure and it was only day one.

Tonight’s top TV picks:

The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All

The eliminated bachelors return for this pre-finale special that looks back over the entire The

Watch The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All at 8:00 on ABC.

People searching for love try Dating in the DarkTorchwood: Children of Earth

The sassy, scary, sci fi series is back with a mini-series that has been blowing people away (they’ve already seen it in the UK.) John Barrowman stars as the dashing, immortal Captain Jack Harkness
hot on the trail of aliens who are using the Earth’s children to communicate.

Watch Torchwood: Children of Earth at 9:00 on BBC America.

Dating in the Dark

This new reality dating series asks the question, is love really blind? To test the theory, couples meet in the dark in order to get to know each other without those pesky first impressions you get
when you see a person. At the end of the episode, each contestant will work with a sketch artist on a representation of their favorite date. Interesting experiment, but how long can you keep an
audience entered with footage of people groping each other in the dark?

Watch Dating in the Dark at 10:00 on ABC.

The Closer

Brenda has a lot on her plate when a shoot-out ends with the death of two police officers and a teenage boy. Enter Captain Sharon Raydor (special guest star Mary McDonnell) whose only purpose seems
to be to make Brenda’s life even more difficult. 

Check out this clip of The Closer courtesy of TNT:

Watch The Closer at 9:00 on TNT.

The 40th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing

In honor of this momentous occasion, several networks are running themed programming.

— TCM has a marathon of moon movies culminating in The Right Stuff

Moonshot (9:00 History)

When We Left Earth (10:00 Discovery)

News and notable

Paula Abdul’s manager is making noise about the lack of a contract from American Idol, saying his client may walk off the show if they don’t make good on promises and soon.

Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi is in development on a culinary-based comedy for NBC.

TLC has ordered a new docu-drama that follows a family of four who all weigh in over 300 pounds.

Shark star Sarah Carter will be joining CSI: NY in the fall.

The rumor mill says that Jorja Fox will be returning to CSI beginning with their tenth season premiere this fall.

Photo credit:

Design Star — Photo: HGTV

Dating the Dark — Pictured Megan, Matt. Photo: ABC/Adam Larkey

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