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Walter Cronkite dead at 92

Is this a horrible summer or what for losing celebrities? In the category of another legend has left us, Walter Cronkite has passed away after a remarkable broadcasting career.

Walter Cronkite on the cover of TimeThe 92-year-old former
CBS anchorman was welcomed into millions of American homes throughout the years. 

It’s no surprise when a journalist icon passes, we all feel like we’ve lost someone we knew.

In fact, Cronkite was thought of as the most trusted man in America for decades.

Walter Cronkite’s career began when he was a newspaper journalist in college. He then switched into radio back in 1935. Cronkite joined the United Press wire service a few years later and
then continued his career at CBS. In 1950 he began working in their news division.

Keep in mind the context of the times – or the zeitgeist if you will – television was new and as such, Walter Cronkite was technically a news pioneer in the “new” medium.

His versatility is marked by his talent as most recently he was an online contributor on the Huffington Post. The famous broadcaster was essentially living history: Walter Cronkite covered
several presidential elections throughout the years. He reported on the assassination of President John F Kennedy (photo below right) as well as moon landings and World War II’s
Battle of the Bulge.

Cronkite cried on the air reading the news of President Kennedy's deathCronkite was considered critical in terms of international trips like interviewing an Egyptian president, traveling to Vietnam and
calling the Vietnam War “mired in stalemate” as well as putting his stamp on the successful anchorman role.

Walter Cronkite was not afraid to share his views such as opposing the war in Iraq and current broadcasters not giving the public all of the facts and background in an objective manner.

There is no doubt: there was only one Walter Cronkite. R.I.P.

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