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So You Think You Can Dance: top 10 perform

The So You Think You Can Dance top 10 do their best to win votes to become America’s Favorite Dancer.

Krupa and Owens go at it again on Superstars

Superstars recap

Joanna Krupa and Terrell Owens were the topic of conversation on The Superstars again last night as TO decided he had enough and was quitting the competition. On camera he said he was
doing it because his football team needed him but that doesn’t make any sense. These celebs signed on knowing they could be there for the full run if they kept on winning, so surely he had the time
available. I think he simply got tired of being humiliated on national TV. Joanna was not happy but don’t count her out yet. Like the proverbial bad penny, I have a feeling she’ll pop up again.

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I also tuned in for the first regular episode of Warehouse 13 on Syfy. There was a major twist at the end in regard to the who and the why of the crime which took me by surprise. Surprise
is good but in general the episode didn’t wow me like the pilot did. It felt rather slow and I expected to see a cursed object that had a recognizable history like the Lewis Carroll mirror that
Pete uses to play ping-pong with himself. Now that was fun. If you want something lighter than the usual crime drama this summer, you’ll want to check this new series out.

Tonight marks the return of one of my favorite shows — Leverage! It’s paired with a new drama called Dark Blue and I’ll have more on that in my Top Picks for Tonight.

Tonight’s top TV picks:

So You Think You Can Dance

The judges keep saying it but it hasn’t happened yet. One of these dancers has to break out of the box and take the lead. This could be the week as they’ll all be dancing with a new partner. The
Top Ten compete for your votes tonight and from here on in it’s all up to you.

Watch So You Think You Can Dance at 8:00 on Fox.


When we last left Nate and the gang, they had all gone their separate ways after nearly getting arrested on the David Job. But don’t worry, the gang will get back together thanks to the wrangling
of one member and this time it’s Eliot, Parker, Hardison and Sophie who have to drag Nate into the con. It’s the season two opener and you’re gonna love it.

Oscar-winner Timothy Hutton stars in Leverage

Watch Leverage at 9:00 on TNT.

Dark Blue

TNT newest original series takes you into the dark and muddy world of the deep undercover cop.

Dylan McDermott stars as the leader of a team that walks so close to the edge, it’s only a matter of time before one of them falls off. The series co-stars Supernatural’s Nicki Aycox as
the only woman on the team with tough guys Omari Hardwick and Logan Marshall-Green to do the heavy lifting.

Warning: the show opens with an extreme torture sequence so viewer discretion is advised.

Watch Dark Blue at 10:00 on TNT.

Photo credit:

The Superstars — Pictured: Jenn Brown, Joanna Krupa, Terrell Owens. Photo: ABC/Adam Larkey.

Leverage — Pictured: Timothy Hutton. Photo: Erik Heinila / TNT

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