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Harry Potter exclusive

Bonnie Wright’s type

SheKnows: What must a guy never do if he doesn’t want to make you angry?

Bonnie Wright: Oooo, I don’t like guys when they love themselves too much. That’s a real push off. There’s got to be an equal feeling. Then I guess with us
being sort of recognizable for what we do, I think when people treat you differently in that sense, it’s not right. Or they act differently. Be yourself.

Bonnie Wright is ready for her close up in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

SheKnows: On to the Ginny-Harry kiss. Was it awkward on set to get close like that with so many people, crewmembers watching?

Bonnie Wright: It was weird. They make it more of a closed set but there are still a lot of people involved and it’s weird because, not only knowing Dan for so long but all
the same crew too so it’s a bit like ‘oh, we’re doing that scene today’. They know it’s difficult but I think there were too scared to tease us about it.

SheKnows: So what is your secret to not letting all this bother you?

Bonnie Wright: You do forget everyone around you. You have to. Especially in this scene when Ginny and Harry come together. There’s just the two of them in this room and
it’s quite an intimate moment and there’s this element of secrecy so you do have to forget everyone’s there to make it this magical moment between them. You just make this bubble
for just the two of you.

SheKnows: How are you personally like Ginny and how are you different?

Bonnie Wright: Ginny comes from this massive, really big family. I’ve only got one brother and she’s got what? Like six. Having a brother is a good connection I
can draw from in real life and just being a kid growing up in school and going through the things teenagers do go through, you can draw parallels. I don’t think she’s necessarily
fearless but she’s there for Harry and there are moments when the Death Eaters attack the Burrows and she’s running through fire, through those reeds in order to save him and that sort
of fearlessness and bravery is probably something that I definitely admire in her. I aspire to be like that.

Whole Lotta Love

SheKnows: There is the fun and comic use of some love potions in the film. If you really liked a guy, would you use a love potion on him if it were available and you knew it would

Bonnie Wright: God, yeah! (we laugh). Well, you could…but, would it wear off and then it’s short-lived? I could. It’s a little bit cheating but I don’t
see why not. Give it a go.

SheKnows: How do you think young women should handle first love?

Bonnie Wright: It depends on if the feelings are shared. It’s quite difficult, and I think it’s shown very well in this film with the Lavender Brown thing with Ron,
this idea that one of them can be much more obsessed than the other. It’s difficult at that age when you are finding out all different sorts of feelings and why you’re interested in
boys but they still seem so immature. I think girls mature more quickly. If a guy shows an interest, get close to them and they might understand. And obviously be yourself. So many girls are
pressured to physically look different or put on a different persona. Don’t be liked for someone else.

SheKnows: Excellent advice. What kinds of music are you into now? Kings of Leon or Killers we’ve heard in the past.

Bonnie Wright: Yeah, That’s the kind of music I used to love. I don’t think there are too many modern things I love. During childhood I was listening to Bob Dylan and
Johnny Cash or Velvet Underground. I really like things that you can really see the musician in; the artist bringing (his or her) sound, a message and it’s personal. I don’t
particularly like a lot of poppy music to be honest. And also, for my exams, when I’m studying, I get all the classical music out in my house and just listen to that to concentrate.

Harry Potter's dark, but Half-Blood Prince is bright with love

SheKnows: What would you like your fans to know that no one ever asks you?

Bonnie Wright: I guess I’d like them to know that I’m not only interested in the acting part of filming, I interested in the bigger picture. I’ve been inspired by
everything that I’ve watched while filming, I’m interested in the cinematography, directing…

SheKnows: Would you like to write and direct some day then?

Bonnie Wright: Yeah, definitely. I’m going in September to film school. I really love and want to continue acting but to look at the bigger picture. It has been so
inspirational to watch such amazing directors and editors and cinematographers.

SheKnows: Where will you go to film school?

Bonnie Wright: University of the Arts – London, the main one. So far I’ve been able to balance an education with a career. I’d love to continue acting while
studying film but, if I can’t, then just to focus on learning. I’d love to learn for three years then, when I have summer breaks, to do different parts and projects.

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Top photo of Bonnie Wright courtesy of Lynn Barker.

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