The Bachelorette's down to two

Jul 14, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Reid from The Bachelorette has been sent packing.

Jillian is The BacheloretteJillian has seen it all this season. Just as The Bachelor reinvigorated that series, this summer's Bachelorette has done the same.

After almost a decade of The Bachelor series, its spin-off The Bachelorette still pops

Last night on The Bachelorette, Jillian and the guys headed to Hawaii for a little sun and sexy time. Kiptyn got to enjoy Jillian's penchant for the aerial stunts, something the Bachelorette regrets a little later.

What the scenes with Kiptyn has proven this summer is that The Bachelorette still scores high on that reality TV scale of "I can't look away, but I can't look." Sure, I Survived a Japanese Game Show or Wipeout may produce more oohs and aahs, but for our reality TV money, there has been nothing more compelling thus far this summer than The Bachelorette starring Jillian.

Another example arises out of last night's show when Reid inherits the date number two spot. Casting Reid is a stroke of reality TV genius – for someone who appears one-sided, the complications from him arise from where his modus operandi emanates from – his inner teenager. Jillian is visibly attracted to him, but she is on national television to find someone to marry. Reid is hardly that on any day.

Then there's Ed who brings his parents to town as a surprise. If that doesn't scream commitment…what does? And here's a question: do those montages of waves crashing do it for you?

The roses go to Kiptyn and Ed as the third gentleman heads into life kicked off a hit TV show where he will forever be known as Reid from The Bachelorette.

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