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Top 10 Michael Jackson covers

Who sang Michael Jackson’s songs best? As the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death arrives, SheKnows thought we would give our readers a look at the top 10 Michael Jackson cover songs.

10. Tie: Don’t Stop the Music (Wanna Be Startin’ Something sample) by Rihanna

Technically this is not a full cover of a Michael Jackson song, but we put Rihanna on our list of top covers of Michael Jackson songs because without the MJ Wanna Be Startin’ Something background, Rihanna’s song does not fly. Rihanna scored huge with her remastered CD Good Girl Gone Bad that featured this track. 

10. Tie: Ian Brown, Thriller

Our first true cover of a Michael Jackson song finds the ex-lead singer of one of my favorite bands, Stone Roses, tackling a Michael Jackson institution of a track — the title track of the biggest selling record of all time. Brown’s version is a thrill indeed.

9. David Cook, Billie Jean

Technically it’s a rip-off of Chris Cornell’s version, but with Cook’s future on the line as American Idol champ, he delivered a knock-you-off-your-feet version of the song that broke MTV’s color barrier.


8. Fat by Weird Al

Had to have the pop jokester on this list since he has parodied MJ so many times.

7. Usher does Gone Too Soon

How could Michael Jackson have known that writing a song about celebrities with massive talent who pass away “too soon” would eventually circle around and be sung at his memorial service watched by hundreds of millions.

Usher picked up the mantle of the early 90s Michael Jackson hit and with emotion that could not have been more real, delivered a sensational tribute in song to his idol. 

Don’t miss the entire Michael Jackson memorial video here!

6. Human Nature by Boyz II Men featuring Claudette Ortiz

Thriller producer Quincy Jones called the melody of Human Nature crafted by Michael Jackson “the most beautiful I’ve ever heard.” No truer words were ever said.

Watching John Mayer perform it at Michael’s memorial service was one of the highlights of the entire day. But, when it comes to Michael Jackson covers of Human Nature, there are not too many to choose from — hard to replicate the master.

But in the hands of Boyz II Men, Michael Jackson would be proud. 

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