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Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson break up

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo just broke up — depriving Simpson the birthday party of her dreams.

Will Jessica Simpson still cheer for the Cowboys?The latest single diva on the Hollywood scene is pop star Jessica Simpson.

Simpson’s 29th birthday bash was on Friday night, and keep in mind she likes to have theme parties. This year’s theme was Barbie and Ken — but apparently her very own version of Ken put a
damper on the celebration: Tony Romo broke up with starlet Jessica Simpson the night before the party!

Now that they have split, the couple is officially in splitsville and looking towards the future.

Unfortunately for Jessica, her birthday bash was canceled while her ex-boyfriend went out clubbing.

She tweeted, “Barbie party didn’t happen but I turned 29 and feel like I am on top of the world yelling I love getting older!”

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The two-year relationship ended with the buzz is that Simpson is heartbroken, while others surmise the break up was imminent due to their frenetic schedules.

Jessica Simpson’s ex-husband, Nick Lachey recently split with his girlfriend of a few years, Vanessa Minnillo. Will Nick and Jess rekindle?

Jessica seems to be rebounding — or perhaps that’s just the spin on Twitter — but her Twitter posts on Sunday read, “Everyone needs to know that hope floats…grab the strings and pull it
back to you,” she tweeted on July 12.

While hope does float (great name for a country song, no?) — Jessica has a lot to be thankful for including an adorable nephew, Bronx Mowgli Wentz, courtesy of her little sis, Ashlee Simpson
Wentz. Ashlee is the new star of the Melrose Place revival, and Bronx’ dad, Ashlee’s hubby Pete Wentz, rocker from Fall Out Boy.

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