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Bachelorette heads to Hawaii

The Bachelorette heads to Hawaii searching for true love as her final three — Ed, Kiptyn and Reid — battle for her heart.

Harper’s Island recap

This weekend the killer, or rather, the killer’s assistant, was finally revealed on a two-hour Harper’s Island finale. Warning: Spoiler ahead…

It was the groom! Sweet Christopher Gorham showed his psychotic side when he dropped the act and revealed himself to be the son of serial killer John Wakefield. And like father like son, he was
responsible for half the deaths on the island. I certainly suspected him any number of times throughout the series, but I was betting on someone else right up until the end. Good job Harper’s
for keeping me thoroughly enthralled from beginning to end. I’m sorry to see you go.

Harper's Island finale is a killer

On the lighter side, I tuned in to the Next Food Network Star and was amazed to see yet another person lying on national TV. I guess when you’re under pressure like this its not easy to
see beyond your little bubble – but how could Debbie stand there at judging and say over and over that she was handling the entire kitchen by herself? She had two other chefs in the kitchen! Sure
she had the best dish, because it’s all she worked on while the other two women were spreading themselves thin for the sake of their teammates. Debbie was a favorite to win, but I think she’s going
down and soon. I’m picking Jeffrey for the win or possibly Melissa.

I’ve also picked a couple of winners from tonight’s TV schedule. Take a look.

Tonight’s top TV picks:

The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette heads to Hawaii as her final 3 woo her heartTonight, Jillian and the final three bachelors, Ed, Kiptyn and Reid head for Hawaii for some special fun that doesn’t involve the sun.
But before Jillian can decide on that trip to the fantasy suite, there are helicopter tours, boat rides and an exercise in trust on a beautiful beach in Maui.

Which two bachelors will get the rose tonight and which one will be taking that long plane ride home alone?

Watch The Bachelorette at 8:00 on ABC.

The Closer

There are plenty of suspects when a popular pick-up artist is murdered ending the development of his new TV series.

But murder is the least of Brenda’s (Kyra Sedgwick) troubles
when she finds out that there’s a police impersonator getting in on the act.

Watch The Closer at 9:00 on TNT.

Here Come the Newlyweds

It’s the season finale and that means someone is going home with the prize. But first, the final two couples must visit a retirement home to learn more about what it really takes to sustain a long
term marriage. Then, they learn the seven couples who were already eliminated will be the ones who decide the eventual winner.

Watch Here Come the Newlyweds at 10:00 on ABC.

Fall sneak peak

The Good Wife (Tuesdays at 10:00 on CBS)

Julianna Margulies stars in this timely new drama about a woman dealing with life after her politician husband (Chris Noth) goes to jail on
corruption charges. Alicia Florrick is blindsided by not only the corruption but a very public sex scandal. Emotionally devastated, Alicia doesn’t have time to wallow. She has a family to support,
so she goes back to work as a junior defense attorney but after 13 years as a wife and mother, the transition isn’t as easy as she’d hoped. Matt Czuchry co-stars as Alicia’s hot shot rival and
Christine Baranski plays Alicia’s mentor.

The Good Wife clip

Photo credit:

Harper’s Island — Pictured: (L-R) Christopher Gorham as Henry Dunn, Katie Cassidy as Trish Wellington and Elaine Cassidy as Abby Mills. Photo: Chris Helcermanas-Benge/CBS

The Bachelorette – Pictured: Jillian Harris. Credit: ABC/Kevin Foley

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