Entourage returns in style

Entourage is back and HBO has given SheKnows an inside look at the season premiere for its break-out Emmy-winning hit.

The Entourage cast has returnedIn the
Entourage season premiere airing July 12 at 10:30 pm, Vince, E, Turtle and Johnny Drama are back we were most enjoy seeing them – on top.

Editor’s note: In the classiest of moves, Entourage dedicated their premiere episode to Kevin Connolly’s mom, Eileen Connolly. RIP Eileen Connolly.

As the past seasons have found Vince’s superstar fading and wallowing in his sorrows on a tropical isle, the new season of Entourage has promised and delivered a season full of Vince
success promise.

The other guys and gals get their due in the half-hour premiere airing at 9 pm. Audience favorite Turtle continues his life-imitating-art story resurgence with his real life romance with former HBO
star, The Soprano’s alum Jamie Lynn Sigler.

Also a joy to return visiting with is Johnny Drama. For years, Jeremy Piven has taken all the accolades and Emmys for Entourage.
Kevin Dillon’s character creation is beyond stupendous. It’s not easy to play Johnny Drama, a man who is much more complicated that meets the eye – of course, in the most
frivolous of multi-layered personas.

Sure, this is still Piven’s show to steal. His Ari Gold is faced with an ultimatum from his loyal assistant Lloyd – promote me or else! Who tires of watching Piven chasing around
Hollywood dreams for all those he works for, especially his superstar in waiting Vincent Chase?

And what about Vince — as always effortlessly played by Adrian Grenier — and his BFF manager E?

Is E moving out of the Entourage?Well, with a Martin Scorsese picture
about to premiere, it looks as if our favorite fictional Hollywood heartthrob is set to take Tinsel Town by storm once again. Gatsby is his triumphant return to the spotlight and we cannot
think of a better fictional part for this fictional actor to return to predominance.

Eric, with this new-found success of his client-BFF, has the opportunity to finally strike out on his own with a new residence. At the encouragement of his on-again-off-again girlfriend played by
Emmanuelle Chriqui with sexy panache, could Eric be the first to move beyond the confines of the Vince’s Entourage?

Guess you’ll have to tune in to HBO and discover!

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