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So You Think You Can Dance results surprise

So You Think You Can Dance July 9 results brought a bit of a surprise when Melissa and Ade landed in the bottom three. We look at last night’s So You Think You Think You Can Dance results plus preview this weekend’s best TV including a Drop Dead Diva to die for.

So You Think You Can Dance results july 9

Melissa and Ade have always been given nothing but praise so I never expected to see them dancing for their lives.

So You Think You Can Dance results sends Caitlin and PhillipThe other two were expected: Caitlin and Jason and Jeanine and Phillip. People were quick to say that the Russian
dance cost one couple votes, but the truth is, Phillip’s entire run has been lackluster. He’s great at popping but not so good on the other styles. The judges said so and sent him home. His
partner, Jeanine, got to stay and it was Caitlin who went on the girl’s side. One consolation, Nigel promised them both spots on the dance tour despite them missing the So You Think You Can Dance top ten by one week.

As of next week, it’s no longer up to the judges to make the call. From now on it will be entirely up to the audience to decide who stays and who goes. There’s still no clear front runner so it’s
the perfect opportunity for someone to step it up and steal the prize.

Don’t miss our exclusive interview with So You Think You Can Dance’s costume designer on
July 15.

Here’s something I don’t get to say everyday. I’m on TV tonight! I was a day player on the Discovery ID series Call 911, which airs at 8:00 tonight. I’m reenacting the role of a woman who
woke up to find her parents being held hostage by an intruder. Scary stuff but I had a great time filming it.

This weekend’s top TV picks:


The light-hearted comedy Sci-Fi series returns with all new episodes starting tonight on Syfy. First up, the residents of Eureka deal with a new sheriff who is a little too perfect while the town
experiences some disturbing gravity shifts.

Watch Eureka on Friday at 9:00 on Syfy.

Harper’s Island

It’s the big two-hour season finale and the murderer (or murderers) will finally be revealed. But you can bet that there will be a couple more quirky killings first. Who will survive and who will
wish they hadn’t?Harper's Island says goodbye

Watch Harper’s Island on Saturday at 9:00 on CBS.


This four-hour miniseries (spread over two nights) begins when Dr. Lehman (Christopher Lloyd) and Imogene O’Neil (Marla Sokoloff) discover that a giant meteor has been knocked out of orbit
and is heading…you guessed it…straight for Earth. Cue military scientist (Jason Alexander) saying there’s no danger, and the small town sheriff (Stacy Keach) trying to keep order in a panicked
town. It’s pretty standard disaster fare with a decent cast of familiar faces but it’s not as exciting as it should be. Where’s Irwin Allen when you need him?

Watch Meteor on Sunday at 9:00 on NBC.

Drop Dead Diva

Deb may be beautiful and thin but she’s not such a nice person. So when she’s killed in a car accident, heaven’s gatekeeper isn’t all that interested in making a deal with this Drop Dead
— at first. He finally agrees to give Deb that second chance at life but this time she’s got to do it in the plus-sized body of the recently deceased lawyer Jane. It’s brains over beauty
in this new Lifetime original series that stars newcomer Brooke Elliot and the very funny Margaret Cho.

Drop Dead Diva premieres Sunday night on Lifetime

Watch Drop Dead Diva on Sunday at 9:00 on Lifetime.

News and notable

Jon Heder is working on a new series for Comedy Central where he plays an out of work IT guy forced to return to his parent’s home.

TNT wants you to play along. Visit and and you might just win a really cool

EW’s Ausiello is reporting that both Eric McCormack and Wentworth Miller will be guesting on Law & Order: SVU this year.

Lindsay Lohan has started her own TV production company and is said to be working on a project that is like Entourage but with fashion.

Photo credit:

So You Think You Can Dance: Host Cat Deeley (R) announces the eliminated contestants Caitlin Kinney (L) and Phillip Chbeeb (C ) Mathieu Young/Fox

Harper’s Island — Pictured (L-R) C.J. Thomason as Jimmy Mance and Katie Cassidy as Trish Wellington. Photo: Chris Helcermanas-Benge/CBS

Drop Dead Diva — Pictured: Brooke Elliott (C) and Margaret Cho (R). Photo Credit: Guy D’ Alema/ Lifetime Television

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