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Dean Cain: a Gambler exclusive interview

Dean Cain calls to chat about single fatherhood and how Superman grappled with The Gambler, the Girl and the Gunslinger . For one, Dean Cain fulfilled a lifelong dream.

James Tupper and Dean Cain in The Gambler, the Girl and the GunslingerCain has repeatedly been featured in People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People and after spending time with
the actor, his gorgeousness as a person goes way beyond his dashing good looks.

After his run ended grabbing pop culture’s attention with his legendary Superman portrayal in Lois and Clark opposite Desperate Housewives’ Teri Hatcher, Cain became a
dad and decided to dictate his career direction solely based fatherhood.

Cain is back on television in the Hallmark original film, The Gambler, the Girl and the Gunslinger that airs July 11 on the Hallmark Channel at 9 pm.

Dean gave SheKnows a ring from his Colorado ranch to discuss all of the above and much more.

Go West with Dean Cain

SheKnows: Dean, first of all, wanted to ask what it was like working with James Tupper on The Gambler, the Girl and the Gunslinger? James stole so many hearts
in Men in Trees.

Dean Cain: James is fantastic. I joke and said we had a bromance going on. He was just so easy to work with and such a good guy. There was no bologna. It was great. He was

SheKnows: For you, versus other experiences, the Hallmark movie is an entertainment institution in some way.

Dean Cain: Yes, absolutely.

SheKnows: What has it been like for you to join that lineage?

Dean Cain: I’ve done four films for Hallmark. I’m used to that (laughs). Lineage, I like that. I like being a part of that. I like doing a quality project.
Hallmark is quality and you know it’s going to be a quality project. I love to be associated with them.

SheKnows: This particular film, The Gambler, The Girl and the Gunslinger, it looks from the outside that it would be a blast to make. Was it?

Dean Cain: It was more fun than any other I’ve shot. Going to work was a pleasure every day (laughs). The conditions were a little tough because we got a lot of
rain. I was cold constantly. Sometimes we were wearing (yawns)…excuse me, I was up at 6 o’clock this morning after a long night of daddy duty.

Dean Cain is the GamblerSheKnows: Ah…

Dean Cain: My son would not go to bed last night. And I started this morning at 6 am.

SheKnows: The perfect storm.

Dean Cain: (Laughs) It was! Where was I (laughs)? Oh, it was so cold sometimes we were wearing wet suits. It was ridiculous. We shot up in Vancouver and it was
gorgeous and I would get home from work after a full day in the mud and I’d take a shower and crash out. I’d get up in the morning. The best part of it was the morning. I’d just
wash my face and go right to work. I had a hat on. I never had to worry about my hair (laughs). You never worried about how you were looking. It was fantastic.

SheKnows: Not like they had shower booths every ten feet back then.

Dean Cain: They didn’t no (laughs). 

Raising Cain

SheKnows: The western, is that a genre you’ve enjoyed before as a fan?

Dean Cain: As a fan, tremendously so. Tremendously so! I’ve never had the opportunity to actually do a western. That made me crazy because I like to ride horses. I have the
whole nine yards on my ranch in Colorado. Also, my father, produced and directed Young Guns.

SheKnows: You’re kidding!

Dean Cain: No. So, it’s like for a guy who should be in a western — I have a ranch. I have a 40-acre ranch in Colorado. I should be able to be in a western.

SheKnows: (laughs)

Dean Cain: I have never been able to get in one. This one popped up and I was so happy to do it. I had so much fun shooting it. If they said, ‘let’s do part two.’
I’d say, ‘how fast can I get there?’

SheKnows: You must have freaked when the script came across your desk. You had me at Gambler

Dean Cain and his son do a little shoppingDean
(laughs) I’m like, ‘yeah!’ Girls, gambling and gunplay – OK, I’m in. This film is a very fun film. It was fun to do. It was fun to watch.
It’s got that old western feeling to it. It’s that thing where you want to grab a bag of popcorn and sit down and watch it with a couple people.

SheKnows: Perfect summer movie…

Dean Cain: I sure hope so…

Daddy Dean

SheKnows: For you, as a single father, does that play any kind of role in the projects you choose? Whether it’s content or timing, location…is that something you have to
think about?

Dean Cain: It plays a huge role in everything I do. In fact, for the last nine years, I won’t do a series — not like Lois and Clark. I won’t spend that kind
of time because I’m a single father. His mother and I share him half-and-half. I just don’t want to be without him. I hate to take off for six weeks to shoot a movie, but
it’s a lot better than having to be gone – even though I live here in LA — 12 hours a day, every day for nine months. That would be horrible. It’s been a huge impact on
every project I’ve chosen. In fact, I make two or three kids movies a year. The next thing I start shooting is called The Christmas Gift. It’s a kid’s movie. My son can
come on set and he can watch the movie. It’s wonderful.

Dean Cain is always Superman

Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain in Lois and ClarkSheKnows: You look over the Superman history and there’s really George Reeves, Christopher Reeve and
you. Does that sit right by you to be thought of as one of the three men who have played Superman?

Dean Cain: Absolutely! I’m ecstatic that people do. As for the character, as it was originally conceived, I played him lot more than anybody else, if you look at the time in
the suit so to speak. Tom Welling’s had a longer run on Smallville, but that’s a different kind of show. I was happy to do that show, it was fun. He gets to do Superman without
having to wear the suit. He does the Clark Kent stuff that we would do, but he never has to be Superman. That’s a whole different take and was genius to do, but it’s different Superman.
And Brandon’s (Routh) had a couple films…

SheKnows: Actually, for whatever reason, there’s never been a second Brandon Routh Superman film…

Dean Cain: Oh my God, look at that.

SheKnows: That’s what I was thinking. Because Brandon has no second Superman movie…I’m still thinking Dean, Chris and George when you’re talking

Dean Cain: I like that (laughs). I think of George Reeves too. When I look at what I played on Lois and Clark, it was kind of a mix between those two. The superman
character I played more like Christopher Reeve and Clark Kent was much more like George Reeves played it.

SheKnows: I totally agree. This was a personal pleasure.

Dean Cain: This was a blast. Thank you.

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