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So You Think You Can Dance recap: week five

This week marked a big turning point for the So You Think You Can Dance dancers for several reasons. First off, each SYTYCDcouple had to dance twice meaning they only had three days to pick up each number. Second, this was the last week before the partner breakup. As of next week, everyone will be shuffled to a new partner and that’s really going to hurt and possibly help a few of the players.

Stealing away the night on So You Think You Can DanceBut
the biggest issue this week on So You Think You Can Dance is the number. As
of tonight, they go from twelve to ten. That may not seem like a big deal, but only the top ten go on tour. So it’s the worst week to be cut.

Overall, the dances were much more dynamic and interesting tonight. They’re really pushing these kids but not everyone rose to the challenge. Tyce Diorio

Melissa and Ade

Melissa and Ade began the night with a glittery disco routine that was excellent despite Melissa’s slip at the end. Ironic that they performed all these incredible lifts and she falls when she’s
standing still. Good marks from the judges should keep them in the competition for quite awhile.

Kupono and Kayla were up next with an amazing contemporary piece about addiction. Kupono was truly emotionally as he portrayed the embodiment of the addiction itself while Kayla was trying to break
free. It was almost brutal, but beautiful, in the way he put his hands over her face and strangled her to him. Heart felt for sure and maybe this will be the piece that will keep him out of the
bottom three.

Caitlin and Jason

Caitlin and Jason pulled an American Foxtrot but with a jazzy twist. It’s very sassy and stylized and danced to the wonderful Minnie the Moocher by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. I love Caitlin but
I’m still not a fan of Jason. He always looks like a little boy trying to dance in daddy’s shoes. I think they’ll be in the bottom three.

SYTYCD does Russian, not so wellThe fiasco of the night was
Jeanine and Phillip performing a traditional Russian folk dance. Now, here’s the think. Nigel posted a Twitter message earlier in the day saying how much he disliked the number. He then took a pot
shot at the choreographer saying, “we ask you to try anything and everything we throw at you on this program, I’m just not sure we should have thrown that.” I don’t agree. I think the number could
have been terrific if they had put the power into it. There was no power, no sharpness. Russian dancing is incredibly athletic when done properly and I don’t think Phillip was up to it. I think
they’ll be in trouble tonight.

Randi and Evan delivered a soft hip-hop number revolving around an unmarried couple dealing with a pregnancy. Yes, really. I thought it was very sweet and touching. Not the best dance from either
of them but they should get by on personality this week.

Janette and Brandon took on the Argentine Tango. This is the one that looks like a fight in a speakeasy. I thought it would be a train wreck but they actually pulled it off. Brandon, like Jason,
always comes off too boyish to me, but not tonight. He put his game face on and held it throughout the number. A standing ovation from the judges but I’m not sure it will keep them out of the

So You Think You Can Dance: take two

Ade and Melissa do the Waltz on So You Think You Can DanceThen it was time for their final dances with their original partners. Melissa and Ade took on an unusual Waltz. This one had
plenty of non-Waltz moves in order to keep the audience engaged, so says the choreographer. I beg to differ. A well done Waltz can hold my attention for quite awhile. They danced to Natural Woman
and it was quite lovely, though it lacked quite a bit when it came to the actual waltzing!

Kupono and Kayla were given a Broadway routine based on the Dance at the Gym music from West Side Story. The choreographer’s instruction was that they should act like two people
who fall madly in love at first sight. I like the dance, but I didn’t get the love and I really didn’t get the hard hits and contractions that are indicative of this music. I think with practice,
Kupono could steal the show with his long limbs doing a Fosse style Broadway number.

Caitlin and Jason finish with a contemporary number by Mandy Moore. The number was about love and passion and I don’t get that from these two. Lovely technique but I wasn’t feeling it neither was
Nigel who commented on their lack of chemistry.

Philip and Jeanine

Evan and Randi do the SambaPhilip and Jeanine ended with an awkward
jive that didn’t have the bounce that it should. It was a story about a sailor home on leave and his girlfriend who’s a big tease. It was a cute number but I kept waiting for them to rock it and
they didn’t. Philip also had a very obvious slip on a heel slide. Not a great night for the two of them.

Randi and Evan finish with a Samba choreographed by Pasha, one of my favorites from an earlier season. I love these two, but they can’t do sexy. And though it’s not Evan’s fault, his lack of height
makes it hard for him to pull off those wonderful Latin leg moves. They ended up with a flirty, fun Samba which was enjoyable to watch but not the dance it was supposed to be.

Janette and Brandon topped off the night with a cool Wade Robson jazz routine. They played jewel thieves who snuck around the stage on tiptoe in quirky costumes that really sold the routine. Not my
favorite couple, but this was a great routine.

Now it’s up to you and judges. Tonight, one guy and one girl will be going home leaving us with America’s top ten favorite dancers. Will your favorite make the list? Tune in to Fox at 9:00 to find

Watch So You Think You Can Dance Wednesdays at 8:00 and Thursdays at 9:00 on Fox.

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