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So You Think You Can Dance top 12

The top 12 So You Think You Can Dance contestants hit the stage set to prove they are America’s Favorite Dancer.

With Vitolio and Karla recently exiting the show, the top 12 So You Think You Can Dance crew have two less competitors.

Aren't they cute? America's Got Talent's hot performersRead our interview with Vitolio and Karla here!

America’s Got Talent recap

Last night’s episode of America’s Got Talent saw me reaching the end
of my patience with this audition round. If you believe what you saw on TV, the judges didn’t find a single talented person on their first day in Los Angeles. They did find plenty of bad singers
and weird talents like the guy who stuck his toe in a cardboard disco set then made it dance — badly. At this point, I feel like the producers are simply messing with us. Like the build up they
gave that nurse who was seventh cousin to Celine Dion. We figure she’s out Susan Boyle, right? No, she’s awful. I appreciate that they’re saving the really good acts for the Vegas round so I say
let’s get there already. Enough is enough.

NYC Prep showed how low they could go with a very un-PC PC spouting off about how the only Mexicans in NY are delivery boys so his rich friends are all applauded by the idea that he has a Mexican
friend from boarding school. But it’s cool because JP (yes really) is the most beautiful Mexican because he’s tall. Huh? And these are kids who are getting a very expensive private school
education? Heaven help us.

Did anyone venture over to the new Syfy channel for Warehouse 13? I’d love to hear your thoughts about it or anything that you watched last night in the comment space below.

Tonight’s top TV picks:

So You Think You Can Dance

We’ve got the Top 12 performing for another two hours tonight and tomorrow one guy and one girl will be going home. It’s been a real racehorse these past few weeks with no one couple rising to the
top. Maybe tonight will be that night.

Watch So You Think You Can Dance at 8:00 on Fox.

Top Chef gets serious

Ghost Hunters International

The ghost hunters are back with all new episodes beginning with a trip to an 18th Century prison in Wicklow, Ireland.

Watch Ghost Hunters International at 9:00 on Syfy.

Top Chef Masters

Neil Patrick Harris is a guest judge on tonight’s episode that has the chef’s working culinary magic but first they must cook an egg with one hand literally tied behind their back.

Watch Top Chef Masters at 10:00 on Bravo.

Shirley Jones stars on The Cleaner

News and notable

Bravo has renewed Real Housewives of New York for a third season but with several of the cast members asking for more money, rumor is they might be replaced.

Andrea Bowen, who plays Teri Hatcher’s daughter on Desperate Housewives, will be returning to the show this season.

Musical star Shirley Jones will guest on next week’s episode of The Cleaner. She’ll be playing an infamous nightclub singer with a severe alcohol problem.

The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato will all return for Camp Rock 2.

Another SNL sketch is becoming a movie. This time it’s Will Forte’s MacGrubber. Yikes.

Photo credit:

America’s Got Talent — NBC Photo: Chris Haston

Top Chef Masters — Pictured: John Besh — Bravo Photo: Kelsey McNeal

The Cleaner — Pictured: Shirley Jones. Photo: A&E

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