Karla and Vitolio dish SYTYCD

Vitolio’s vivacious moves

Karla and Vitolio's quick step was a killerSheKnows: Hello Vitolio, your story is one of the most compelling in So You Think You Can Dance insight. You said it often and I
wondered, how did dance save your life growing up in Haiti?

Vitolio Jeune: Well, I met dance at an early age. I saw a Michael Jackson video, at that time I was still in an orphanage. Then after I left the orphanage, dance was a way for me
to survive on the streets of Petionville, which is my hometown. (I would) make some money in the street to take care of my grandmother and take care of myself at the same time. So
that’s why I say dance has saved my life because it has been my company for a long time.

SheKnows: Were you surprised to be in the bottom three this last week after such a phenomenal performance?

Vitolio Jeune: Well I was a little bit surprised because from the judges’ critique the night before, we had like an awesome quick step and the judges loved it. I
wasn’t expecting to be in the bottom three. I knew we were somehow going to be in the bottom three because America already had their favorites. So I believed they were not going to put their
favorites aside and vote for us, but at the same time I was still hoping for a miracle because I know we did really well in the quick step. So I was a little bit disappointed, but it wasn’t
that much of a big surprise to me.

SheKnows: What’s next for Vitolio?

Vitolio Jeune: Well, I’m back in Miami and at this point I’m looking for an agent back in LA. So I’m planning on moving back to LA and keep on dancing,
choreographing, and hopefully getting into acting and modeling, and I’m thinking about as well probably writing a book about my life story.

Memories of Michael Jackson

SheKnows: So how did you find out about Michael Jackson’s death?

Vitolio Jeune: Well actually when I found out that Michael Jackson died I was backstage actually getting ready to go on stage, and it was really a big disappointment for me. I
couldn’t stop crying because I had received a text from a friend telling me, “Hey, Michael Jackson just died.” And I’m like did somebody try to prank me or something? And
then the TV was on and I saw it on the news and I thought, “Oh my gosh. This is real.” And then I couldn’t stop crying and that affected me really, really hard.

SheKnows: How long after you heard about Michael Jackson did you have to perform live?

Vitolio Jeune: Actually, I think there was about probably ten minutes.

SheKnows: How did you all pull it together without sobbing?

Vitolio Jeune: It was tough, but at the same time it kind of brought some inspiration into me, kind of made me really go out there and do my thing, you know?

SheKnows: What Michael Jackson video most inspired you?

Vitolio Jeune: If I remember exactly. It was Thriller and I liked the way he was a great entertainer, you know? Whatever he does, he gets you into him. He has a
certain way of bringing you into his world and he was definitely the greatest entertainer. I like the way he dances and the way he sings and the way he mixed both together. That was the thing that
kind of trapped me into falling in love with him.

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