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Karla and Vitolio dish SYTYCD

Soon after leaving So You Think You Can Dance, voted-off dancers Karla Garcia and Vitolio Jeune let us in on the entire SYTYCD experience.

Karla and Vitolio know the end is here on SYTYCDFirst to the microphone was Karla Garcia. Her performances over these last weeks on So You Think You Can Dance were beautiful, but it was not enough to keep her in the competition.

Karla kisses SYTYCD goodbye

SheKnows: When you’re in the bottom three, how difficult is it to prepare for the “Dance For Your Life” segment? Does it get any easier as you go along?

Karla Garcia: Yes, yes. I think I definitely learned after each time doing it. You have to really construct it well and make sure that there’s a beginning, middle, and end to
your 30 seconds, because you know it’s not a lot of time to tell a story. So I think by the third time I was kind of at peace with doing my 30 seconds and I kind of accepted like okay,
I’m going to do it again tonight and I approached it a lot differently. I think I was very happy with my final solo performance.

SheKnows: What was it like dancing with Vitolio?

Karla Garcia: Yes, it was really hard because after Jonathan got eliminated I was really emotional just because we got really attached over the past few weeks. Then all of a
sudden, I had to be paired up with a brand new partner. We had to find that connection and that chemistry in very little time, plus the added layer of having the hardest dance style ever on the
show that we had to work with. So it was a challenge but I think we’re both professionals and I think we both had that motivation to show America that we can attack this kiss of death.
That’s what we shared together and that’s what brought us together, I think. So that made it easier.

SheKnows: The quick step looks like a killer. Is it as tough as it looks?

Karla Garcia: Yes, when we opened up that card and it said quick step I think I was already practicing my solo — especially when everyone else around us had a genre in their
comfort zone. I felt almost defeated but it was that motivation to attack this hard dance style. The real blessing was having Jean-Marc as a choreographer because they can really make or break your
experience. He was very involved and invested in us and he knew that it would be a difficult task. He knew that the quick step was very hard to learn. You have to stay close, in contact. Your hips
have to stay together the whole time. Your feet have to move really fast and you have to work very intimately with your partner. That was hard because Vitolio and I had never worked together, so
that was another challenge. There were just so many layers in having this kiss of death.

SheKnows: Having Jean-Marc as a choreographer-coach had to help…

Karla Garcia: Technically I think Jean-Marc guided us a lot. He’s very fun-loving and with all the analogies, like I said in my package, a lot of the analogies he used to
help us with frame and with finding that connection physically and the entertainment quality of it. I think he gave us a great routine choreographically to make it easier to learn the style. There
were other things to focus on like the acting part and the conceptual part of the routine. There was a story and there were things to play off of, so that we weren’t too focused in on doing
the quick step perfectly.

SheKnows: Of all the routines you have performed in So You Think You Can Dance, which meant the most to you?

Karla Garcia: The most rewarding, the most exhilarating piece that I did on that show was Stacey Tookey’s contemporary piece that I got to do with Jonathan. I felt like that
was my most shining moment and I was really blessed to have such wonderful choreography by Stacey, especially because she guided us a lot on that week. She really wanted us to shine. She knew that
we were the underdogs, you know, we didn’t get that much camera time. She wanted to showcase our technique and our personalities and our chemistry that we had with that piece. It was such a
joy to do that in front of millions of people.

SheKnows: Lastly, were there choreographers that you would have liked to have worked with?

Karla Garcia: Oh, I would have loved to work with Napoleon and Tabitha. I would have loved to do one of their hip-hop duets. I think their use of isolations and storytelling and
their musicality, they showcase their dancers in a great light. They know how to tell a story and entertain an audience and they’re such positive people to work with. I worked with them
during the group number two weeks ago and I think it would have been awesome to work with them one-on-one. I’m sad that I couldn’t.

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