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Michael Jackson dead: celebrities react

Michael Jackson’s death has celebrities speaking out. Merely hours after Jackson died at a the UCLA Ronald Reagan hospital, devastated stars are emotional.

Madonna and Michael Jackson attend the OscarsSome stars
made official statements on the death of Michael Jackson through their PR people, while others took to Twitter to express their sadness and

Madonna says: I can’t stop crying over the sad news. I have always admired Michael Jackson. The world has lost one of the greats,
but his music will live on forever! My heart goes out to his three children and other members of his family. God bless.

Justin Timberlake: I can’t find the words right now to express how deeply sadden (sic) I am by Michael’s passing. We have lost a genius and a true ambassador of not only Pop music,
but of all music. He has been an inspiration to multiple generations and I will always cherish the moments I shared with him on stage and all of the things I learned about music from him and the
time we spent together. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones.

Eddie Van Halen: I am really shocked; as I’m sure the world is, to hear the news. I had the pleasure of working with Michael on Beat It back in ’83 — one of my fondest
memories in my career. Michael will be missed and may he rest in peace.

Director John Landis: I was lucky enough to know and work with Michael Jackson in his prime [directing the Thriller and Black & White videos]. Michael was an
extraordinary talent and a truly great international star. He had a troubled and complicated life and despite his gifts, remains a tragic figure. My wife Deborah and I will always have great
affection for him.

Elizabeth Taylor via a rep: Dame Elizabeth Taylor is too devastated by the passing of her dear friend Michael Jackson to issue a statement at this time.

Smokey Robinson: It is always hard to lose a friend… I will miss Michael and all that he brought to the world through his music and his creative genius. I know his legend will
live on and the world will miss him dearly.

Akon: I am deeply shocked and saddened to hear about the sudden death of Michael Jackson… He is a musical icon. I have always said to myself that the top would be working
with Michael and last year when I got the chance to work with him, I was completely humbled. The world has lost one of the greatest entertainers who shaped many generations and will continue to for
years to come.

Corey Feldman: I come to you today with great sadness, acknowledging the loss of the greatest entertainer in the history of mankind. For me he was more than that, he was my idol,
he was a role model, he was someone to cry to when my childhood was unbearable, he was a brother, he was a dear friend.

John Mayer misses Michael JacksonSTARS express sadness via twitter

Almost every star with a Twitter account took to the web to share their grief over Michael Jackson dying.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: We lost a great entertainer and a pop icon. My thoughts and prayers go out to Michael Jackson’s family, friends and fans.

Sean Diddy Combs:
Michael Jackson showed me that you can actually see the beat. He made the music come to life!! He made me believe in magic. I will miss him!

Joel Madden: I’m getting off the computer. Gonna spend time with my family. It was a sad day. Need a break from all of this. Rest in Peace Michael.

Pink: Michael Jackson was one of the best that ever did it. RIP

Jane Fonda: I am stunned. My friend, Michael Jackson is dead. He lived with me for a week on ‘Golden Pond’ set after Thriller.

Samantha Ronson: His music is just as relevant now as it was the day they pressed record, I’m sure it will remain so for
generations to come. R.I.P. Mr Jackson.

Ice T: Rest In Peace Mike. People can say what they want but you were 100% original. WE will always love, miss & remember your greatness.

John Mayer: Dazed in the studio. A major strand of our cultural DNA has left us. RIP MJ. I think we’ll mourn his loss as well as the loss of ourselves as children listening to
Thriller on the record player.

See more Michael Jackson death coverage hereLudacris: If it were not for Michael Jackson I would not be where or who I am today. His
Music and Legacy will live on Forever. Prayers to the fam R.I.P.

Star Jones: ‘Death comes to all. But great achievements build a monument.’ He is and was the greatest entertainer of all times… Peace to you brother.

Rachelle Lefevre: Rest in peace Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson. Condolences to their families.

Liza Minelli: “He was just a really splendid man… and a brilliant performer who changed theatrical history. And I will miss him, I cannot tell you.”

Lance Armstrong: Terrible news about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. My best to their friends, fans, and families.

Miley Cyrus: Michael Jackson was my inspiration. love and blessings.

Demi Moore: I am greatly saddened for the loss of both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Especially for their children!

Ashton Kutcher: I plea to the press to respect his wishes of maintaining the anonymity of his children.

Jenny McCarthy: Michael Jackson has passed away. His spirit and creative influence will live on through his music that we have loved for decades.

Taylor Swift: It just doesn’t feel real.. Everyone is walking around backstage saying “Have you heard?”.

Paris Hilton: I am so sad right now. I can’t believe Michael is gone. What a sad day today, I’m devastated.

Watch Ashanti react to Michael Jackson death:

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