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The death of Michael Jackson: What we know so far

Only 50 years old, longtime music legend Michael Jackson has died.

June 29 Breaking news:

Michael Jackson’s mother wants custody!

Michael Jackson’s mother has filed papers in a Los Angeles courts moments ago to seek legal guardianship over Michael Jackson’s three children.

The hearing for the petition is being held on August 3 on behalf of Katherine Jackson.

Joe Jackson, who attended the BET Awards June 28 that turned an awards show into an impromptu Michael Jackson celebration, told CNN his family plans to win the case.

“We’re not trying to get custody,” Jackson says. “We will get custody and have custody.”

June 29 at 2:25 pm update:

It’s only been less than a week after his death, actually a mere four days but a custody battle is already in progress?

As Michael Jackson’s family, friends, and countless international fans mourn his sudden death and find out more about his life, his mother Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe are apparently
already talking about who should get custody of his three children. In fact, Katherine has filed a petition in California asking for legal guardianship of his three children.

Here’s the thing: MJ had two biological children, Prince, 12, and Paris, 11 with his ex-wife Debbie Rowe. He has a third child, Prince Michael II (Yes, apparently both of his sons have the
first name of Prince. Who knew?) with an undisclosed surrogate. Technically Debbie is still the legal parent of Prince and Paris yet the children have been staying with their grandmother,
Katherine, since last Thursday.

In August a hearing on the petition will be held but we can only hope for the sake of the children that their lives do not get disrupted significantly. After all, they’re dealing with the
death of their father, Michael Jackson, international legend, superstar. Let’s hope they don’t get embroiled in the middle of a custody battle that will make headlines for sure.

While some experts are saying his will should outline who becomes the legal guardian in the tragic event such as this, another question of course is who gets his fortune, his Neverland Ranch and
even prized possessions in his home? For the sake of the children we hope it’s a relatively quick decision as they move forward with their lives.

The latest on Michael Jackson’s autopsy

As worldwide fans mourn him and enjoy listening to his music once more (apparently sales for his albums are up 721-percent since yesterday!), questions remain surrounding his death. Sure, we know
the basic 4-1-1 about the 9-1-1 and cardiac arrest but was there perhaps something deeper, some lingering ailment which precipitated his sudden passing?

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office started conducting its autopsy today to determine the cause of the King of Pop’s sudden death. As reported by the New York Times, the LAPD is
honing in on Michael Jackson’s private doctor, a cardiologist with a practice in Las Vegas. Last night the police department impounded the doctor’s car to search for medicine such as
prescription drugs or perhaps other evidence. Speculators have already mentioned they suspect drugs were an attributing factor to the death but until the facts came in, it’s just that:

As the call came into 911 by identifying a fifty year-old man (not specifically saying it was Michael), the caller also indicated he was not responding to CPR or anything. The doctor was the only
person who was witnessing this. The police want to interview the doctor and search the car for medications or evidence that may help the coroner.

Although the autopsy itself will take a few hours, toxology results have been known to take six to eight weeks. Initial reports of his death indicate cardiac arrest whereby Michael was rushed to a
nearby hospital. At 2:26 pm the King of Pop was pronounced dead.

Initial Reports:

After apparently suffering a sudden cardiac arrest (heart failure), an ambulance was reportedly called to Michael Jackson’s Southern
California home.

The LA Fire Department spokesperson says that Jackson was not breathing when they arrived on the scene and was revived. Michael Jackson was revived by medics at a Los Angeles residence and then transfered to the UCLA
Medical Facility.

TMZ first reported Michael Jackson died, as other publications initally listed the singer as being in a coma. Within a half-hour, AP and the Los Angeles Times confirmed Michael Jackson

See more Michael Jackson death coverage hereMichael’s brother Jermaine Jackson said the singer was pronounced dead at 2:26 pm Pacific time.

Further details of the Michael Jackson death are still emerging.

The singer who had 13 number one solo hits was in the midst of attempting a comeback.

LA Fire Department responded to a West Los Angeles residence call at 12:21 pm where a patient was treated for cardiac arrest and rushed to UCLA Medical Center.

Michael Jackson has been rushed to UCLA Medical CenterSoon after, he slipped into a coma, and then Michael Jackson was dead.

Michael Jackson’s children, Michael Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and
Prince Michael Jackson II, whereabouts are unknown. We would assume they are on their way to Los Angeles, if they are not already there.

More details as they emerge… stay on SheKnows Entertainment for regular updates.

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