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Michael Jackson death: Jackson’s entertainment hits

The Michael Jackson dead news shoots across the world, SheKnows takes a look at the singer’s greatest moments.

Michael Jackson’s death will spur many musical tributes, and SheKnows has a musical one to follow. 

First we thought we’d look at the moments in entertainment history that will never be forgotten because they came from Michael Jackson. Now that Michael Jackson is dead, they are all we have.

5. We Are the World

Michael Jackson co-wrote the charity single with Quincy Jones, and it quickly generated hundreds of millions of dollars for starving people in Africa.

4. Thriller becomes highest selling album of all-time

At the time, there was nothing more huge in entertainment history than Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Michael Jackson dies and the world will remember this album above all his others

3. Appearing on Ed Sullivan with the Jackson 5

The Jackson 5 were a promising musical group out of Gary, Indiana when they appreared on the nation’s number one program. After their performance, the Jackson 5 became an entertainment

2. Kissing Lisa Marie Pressley at the MTV Video Awards

Michael Jackson married The King of Rock n’ Roll’s daughter in a marriage that was supposed to unite the family of the King of Pop and the King of Rock. MTV rolled out the newlyweds for
the most of uncorfortable kisses live to the world.

1. Michael Jackson Moonwalk on TV

The world had gathered to pay tribute to Motown and its 25 years of excellence. Immediately the show was stolen by Michael Jackson and his Moonwalk. With Michael Jackson dead, his Billie
Moonwalk will be remembered as his number one moment.

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