Ali Landry exclusive interview

Ali Landry gives SheKnows an exclusive look inside the world of Superstars. The new mom took on the challenge of the ABC reality show debuting June 23 after not seeing the inside of a gym since giving birth.

Ali Landry and her partner, Jeff KentLandry says the experience on Superstars was unforgettable and also has led to new friendships including one with soccer legend Brandi Chastain. Landry calls Chastain “an inspiration.”

Superstars pairs celebrities with professional athletes in a series of physical competitions. Among the stars fighting for victory besides Landry is Estella Warren and Dancing with the Stars dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Among their professional athlete counterparts are skier Bode Miller, tennis ace Jennifer Capriati and women’s basketball legend Lisa Leslie.

Ali’s athletics

SheKnows: You have been a part of the show now as it’s been taping, yet the audience still hasn’t seen a thing. I was curious how you felt at this point before Superstars is released to the world June 23 on ABC?

Ali Landry: I think people are going to love it. This show is absolutely incredible. My main hope is that it translates – all the drama, the excitement, the stress, tension. That’s my main concern. It was the craziest, most difficult things I’ve ever done. It was exciting and adrenaline was incredible. I’m so proud of myself that I was able to push myself and get through some of those competitions. Because, you know, I just had a baby two years ago and I haven’t worked out in two years. When I found out I was going to do the show, I literally hired a trainer. When I was there, I thought this is so surreal. I am sprinting alongside Terrell Owens — like next to me (laughs)! He’s exhausted. I am too (laughs). Olympic gold medalists and here I am — a mom who hasn’t worked out since I had a baby. Here I am neck and neck with some of these professional athletes. It was crazy for me.

Learning from the best

SheKnows: As someone who enjoys sports – did that side of you pick up anything from these athletes that you shared time with about physical fitness?

Ali Landry: To be with these athletes and to see what they do – I mean, Terrell Owens’ body! When he took off his shirt, my mouth dropped open. He is so ripped and so cut. His muscles are so defined.

SheKnows: Wow that has to be inspiring, actually.

Ali Landry: He is so disciplined. As a guy, I thought he would have a little dessert. We had dinner one night – have a little ice cream! No. He is so strict with his diet. He eats totally clean – fruit, vegetables, a little bit of protein and a lot of water. I didn’t know that was necessary. He takes his job very seriously.

Hitting the red carpet with her little angelSheKnows: You would think if you worked that hard at it, an occasional dessert would be in order!

Ali Landry: Yeah, I know (laughs). Exactly! You’re on vacation, relax! No, never.

SheKnows: Now, Terrell Owens is sensational on many levels. How did you find him on the set?

Ali Landry: I adore him. He, Lisa Leslie and I really had a bond from day one. He’s from the south, Alabama, I’m from Louisiana. I think people from the south have that instant connection. We had an instant bond. When I heard about his reputation (laughs), his personality, I don’t know? Maybe that side of him comes out on the field. But, he is the nicest, most humble and quiet guy.

Ali’s new sporty BFFs

SheKnows: You said you’ve formed bonds, would you say some of these friendships will continue long after the show?

Ali Landry: Absolutely, Lisa Leslie and I, our little girls are the same age. Actually, I’m going on Sunday to her little girl’s birthday party. Brandi (Chastain) has called me to go to two different soccer games. I couldn’t make it, but we will get together. So, yeah, when you’re put in those situations and you’re with each other for that amount of time — it’s natural for those bonds to happen.

SheKnows: As a woman, meeting Brandi and knowing the iconic stature that she holds in women’s sports, for you personally, what was the initial meeting like and then simply spending time…

Ali Landry: Brandi is one of the most incredible women I’ve ever met. Not only her athletic ability, but she’s also a mom. What she’s doing for her community and other kids and also her dedication to her sport. She was saying how important it was for her sport to be on primetime television on ABC because her sport really doesn’t get that kind of coverage. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. She brought a trainer there because when she goes back, she has to go back to the soccer season. She said it was really important for her to do well. She needed the world to know what incredible athletes female soccer players are. I couldn’t believe that. She was there full force. There to win, there to fight for her sport. I adore her.

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