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Jon and Kate Plus 8 on hiatus

Jon and Kate Plus 8 will go on hiatus until August following the titular couple’s divorce announcement, confirms TLC network execs.

One more episode will air before the break, featuring clips with new footage. The next new episode will be broadcast on August 3.

Tellingly, the decision came from the network — not the family. In fact, if the couple had their way, the season would continue uninterrupted. How does the show go on?” said Kate during the big divorce reveal on June 22. “The show must go on!”

Jon said the plan is to continue filming separately. “We interview separately, we’ll film different things,” he explained. “Me and the kids, her and the kids.”

And there’s good reason for Jon and Kate to want to keep going, despite the media pressure and their impending divorce: they make $75,000 per episode, plus get loads of freebies including trips, clothes, household appliances, furniture, even plastic surgery (a tummy tuck for Kate and hair plugs for Jon).

The lifestyle afforded by Jon and Kate Plus 8 was merely a dream for Kate as a girl, who grew up in a trailer park and never flew on an airplane until her and Jon’s Disney World honeymoon.

Now she and her family live in a million dollar home, and Kate flies only first class on trips to speaking engagements to promote the show and her books. Jon is now a stay-at-home dad after being fired from his job — and while the couple claimed it was because the company didn’t want to pay for the large family’s health insurance, Jon’s former boss says that’s not the case.

David Rothermel, the owner of Style Craft Corp and Jon’s former boss, says Jon was fired for “spending much more time” seeking freebies for the family than working.

“Instead of keeping the attention on their kids, they’ve let the attention turn to money and fame,” says a family source of Jon and Kate.

Indeed, the show is ranked number eight on the list of cable shows with the most product placement, according to Nielson Media Research.

“Their lives have changed – they’re not struggling anymore,” says Marc Berman, senior television editor at Mediaweek. “They’re eating at fancy restaurants now. Yeah, they still have eight children, but things are different.”

Is the gravy train about to come to an end?

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