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Bachelorette wants wedding as Jon and Kate divorce

Jon and Kate will be divorcing on TLC tonight as their Jon and Kate Plus 8 hopes to turn their personal struggles into ratings gold. The pair’s announcement will be of no surprise to many.

This weekend I rode that roller coaster known as Harper’s Island! We’re coming down to the wire and the remaining wedding guests are truly running for their lives as they try to find a way to escape. At the top of the hour, one of my favorites was killed in a boat explosion, but lo and behold, he turned up alive later on adding to the notion that he’s in on the killings. Yes, it does appear that there is more than one killer running amuck, one of which might (or might not) be John Wakefield, the original serial killer who isn’t dead and appeared at the end of the episode — a turn of events I’m not happy about.

Abby needs some help on Harper's Island

You see, there has been an unspoken promise since the start of this thing, that the killer would be one of the regular characters we’ve seen each week. If it turns out it was a madman lurking in the bushes, that’s cheating. My guess is that Wakefield’s child is in on the killings, and maybe Wakefield isn’t there to hurt but to help stop this madness!

Speaking of stopping the madness, ABC should forgo airing the second half of their disaster movie Impact. The first half, which aired last night, was so slow moving and ridiculously unbelievable that I couldn’t wait for the moon to hit the Earth annihilating everyone involved. I’m no scientist, so can someone explain to me how a several ton train and a small boy both get lifted into the air at the same rate? Think about it, any force that can lift a train slowly, should have grabbed that kid and tossed him half way to the moon in a fraction of a second — right?

Having said that, I totally bought into the snakes coming to life on Knight Valiant’s shield on Merlin last night! Now here’s a place were lack of logic is explained with magic and I’m good with that. The UK series, airing on NBC, is lovely to look at but it didn’t grab me as wholly as I thought it would. There’s something about young Merlin that isn’t working for me and young Guinevere is atrocious. I do like young Arthur and Morgana and the plots were intriguing, so we’ll have to give it another week before passing judgment.

Did you watch Merlin or Impact? Do you have a guess as to who is the killer on Harper’s Island? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Today’s top TV picks:

The Closer

When Gabriel is involved in a shooting but the evidence doesn’t back up his version of how it all went down. Enter Battlestar Galactica’s Mary McDonnell as a captain in charge of the investigation. Will Gabriel be asked to turn in his badge? It’s an all new episode of The Closer.

Watch The Closer at 9:00 on TNT.

The Bachelorette

The pressure mounts as Jillian must decide which five men will have the opportunity to take her home to meet their families. But first, the remaining eight bachelors are treated to an exclusive private train ride on the famed Rocky Mountaineer, traveling over 650 miles across the Canadian Rockies with breathtaking stops along the way.

The Bachelorette continues on ABC

Roses are up for grabs on two crucial individual dates and one group date. If a bachelor does not receive a rose on the individual date, he must leave the train at the next station. Who will stay and who will go? 

Watch The Bachelorette at 8:00 on ABC.

Jon and Kate Plus 8

“Recently, we’ve made some life-changing decisions — decisions that will affect every member of our family, ones that we hope will bring each of us some peace.” That’s Kate on the promos for tonight’s episode which promises a huge announcement. With all of the recent bad press about separate vacations and extra-marital affairs, everyone assumes the announcement will be the date for the divorce. But that seems a little too obvious, doesn’t it? We’ll all find out together, tonight on TLC.

Watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 at 9:00 on TLC.

The Secret Life of an American Teenager

It’s all about life and death tonight when Secret Life returns for the start of their second season. In The Big One, Anne is dealing with the surprising news of her own pregnancy, while Amy is slowly adjusting to motherhood and a new life filled with midnight feedings and diaper changes. Meanwhile, Grace and Jack renew their relationship, while Ben struggles to find his place with Amy now that Ricky has actively taken on the role of father. And, an unexpected tragedy changes everything.

Watch The Secret Life of an American Teenager at 8:00 on ABC Family.

Are you ready for Make it or Break it?

Make It or Break It

ABC Family pulls the wraps off their newest series about life an elite gymnastics center. These girls are putting it all on the line in order to achieve their Olympic dream but that dream could be shattered for one girl when Emily arrives to knock her out of the top spot. Make It or Break is a little cliche in spots and not all of the performances are top notch, but overall, this is an entertaining new series and I hope it stays around for the full season.

Watch Make It or Break It at 9:00 on ABC Family.

Raising the Bar

Judge Farnsworth is making Jerry’s life miserable, so he comes up with a clever solution that reveals a softer side of the crazy jurist. Meanwhile, Roz and Richard defend an African American accused of committing a hate crime when he beat up a gay man.

Watch Raising the Bar at 10:00 on TNT.

News and notable

Jessica Simpson has signed on to host the VH1 series The Price of Beauty which examines the lengths women will go to in order to conform to the standard of beauty in their country.

According to Ryan Seacrest’s Twitter, he’s in talks with Lindsay Lohan about being on the panel of a new show he’s developing.

EW is reporting that Scrubs will be scrubbed clean when it returns next winter with the two leads moving from the hospital setting to medical school where they’ll be teaching a new crop of docs.

Photo credit:
Harper’s Island — Pictured (L-R) Christopher Gorham as Henry Dunn and Elaine Cassidy as Abby Mills. Photo: Chris Helcermanas-Benge/CBS
Make It or Break It — Pictured Cassie Scerbo. Photo: ABC Family/Isabella Vo

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