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The Proposal cleans up

The Proposal finally took the box office top spot from The Hangover. Sandra Bullock’s romantic comedy co-starring Ryan Reynolds came in first place in the weekend’s box office battle!

Ryan and Sandra are box office gold in The ProposalAudiences loved her in Miss Congeniality and Speed and looks like they sent plenty of loving for Sandra Bullock’s new flick, The Proposal. They scored approximately $34.1 million from Friday to Sunday. The Proposal even beat out The Hangover at $26.9 million and Year One with $20.2 million.

In The Proposal, Sandra’s character, Margaret Tate, is not only a pushy boss, she’s the quintessential pushy boss. As in the boss who makes you hate your job. Well, she forces her young assistant to marry her to keep her visa status in America and avoid deportation to her home country, Canada.

While some critics, especially here in New York, panned the movie, it just goes to show what critics like is not always what audiences adore. The Disney flick proved to be the biggest opening in Bullock’s impressive career which actually was almost twice as big as her ’07 film, Premonition which opened at $17.6 million.

Bullock and Reynolds’ romantic comedy certainly made a splash in the summer box office; remember Ghosts of Girlfriends Past? Um, neither do we. While it seemed to be a cute flick it didn’t do too well in the box office. As the new Transformers movie hits theaters this week, industry insiders are saying it won’t impact The Proposal’s viewership all that much since it’s a different audience.

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Not to be overlooked however in the box office is the fact that Star Trek raked in $4.7 million and passed the $235 million threshold. Better yet, Star Trek became the top grossing Star Trek movie of all time! Which goes to show even in a recession, movie-goers know what they want, like what they see, and keep coming back for more.

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