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So You Think You Can Dance recap: Week 2

On last week’s So You Think You Can Dance, the good far outweighed the bad — but that wasn’t the case this time. Luck of the draw did a few So You Think You Can Dance contestants in, or perhaps it was just the pace of the series taking its toll.

Last week, the SYTYCD dancers were high on excitement and adrenaline. This week, the reality of learning a new dance and a weekly group number plus perfecting their solos is hitting hard.

Lil C was the guest judge on the panel tonight, and he was loaded with his usual poetic commentary. Interesting to listen to, but half the time, I can’t tell if he’s for or against — and please, someone teach the boy when to stop talking! Maybe the producers should institute a musical cutoff as they do on award shows. Enough is enough — bring back Adam Shankman!

Jiving into our hearts

Turning to the dancers, the evening began with Randi and Evan performing a lively jive. They are my favorite couple, and the jive is one of my favorite dances, so I was prepared to enjoy this one — and I did. Evan did a fabulous leap over a back-bent Randi, and he kicks higher than a Rockette. Was it spot on? No. Was it fun? Yes! These two should sail through into next week.

Randi and Evan's Jive was jumping on So You Think You Can Dance

Melissa and Ade were up next with a jazz number choreographed by Sonja. I didn’t love this one as much as the judges did, though I can appreciate the level of difficulty. I was distracted by Melissa’s pink pants; I thought they didn’t fit the mood of the number. Melissa and Ade should be fine tonight as well.

Cue SYTYCD problems

Trouble began when Caitlin and Jason took the floor for a Shane Sparks hip hop number. Not hard-hitting enough and not at all memorable, as evidenced by the fact that now, only two hours later, I can’t remember the dance at all.

Next up on So You Think You Can Dance, it was disco fever as Janette and Brandon took the floor. The judges praised this number, but I didn’t love it. It was way too fast and frenetic, but that’s the choreographer’s fault, not the dancer’s. I thought the whole thing looked uncomfortable, and I think these two will be in the bottom three tonight.,

Louis’ emotional lightning

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house after Asuka and Vitolio performed a waltz by Louis van Amstel. I’m not a fan of Asuka, but this routine made me shed a few tears. I think it’s Vitolio. He has this raw power that really grabs me. Not your typical waltz, but it should get them through to next week.

Vitolio and Asuka wowed the judges on So You Think You Can Dance

Kayla and Max got to work with returning choreographer Brian Friedman on a pop-jazz number that was just a hair short of being spectacular. Like many of our favorite routines of the past, this one had a very obvious story: Kayla was a princess who gets seduced by Max, but only so he can steal her throne.

Kayla and Max are almost awesome on SYTYCDThere were some very nice moments — very theatrical — but it should have ended with a powerful bang. Instead, Max had to rush to the finish. I think they’re safe.

Karla and Jonathan got to work with Stacy Tooley, a choreographer from the Canadian version of the series. She put together an emotional contemporary number that had the judges raving. I didn’t feel it, but then again, I had my husband buzzing in my ear about some work he had to do in the garage throughout the number. Perhaps I need to rewind that one and watch again to see what I missed.

Terrible tango

Jeanine and Phillip were given a tango, and it was the worst dance of the night. Phillip’s posture was a mess, and he simply couldn’t pull of the dark and sharp character of the dance. You could almost hear him talking through the steps in his head, and I couldn’t wait for it to end. They may survive on Phillip’s fan following, but they deserve to be in the bottom three.

Ashley and Kupono ended the night with a lackluster hip hop routine, yet again, by Shane Sparks. What? All of the other choreographers were busy this week? It was supposed to be an edgy tale about a boy and his shadow, but there was no synchronization and no real story at all. I like Kupono, but I think he’ll be dancing for his life.

Tune in tonight to see who lands in the bottom three and who ultimately goes home. Watch So You Think You Can Dance Wednesdays at 8:00 and Thursdays at 9:00 on Fox.

Photos: Fox Broadcasting Co.

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