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Usher divorce details

Usher is divorcing his wife of two years, Tameka Foster Raymond, according to court documents files last week.

Usher and his ex in happier daysAfter two years of marriage and two children, Usher calls the marriage “irretrievably broken” and says the couple has not lived together for over a year.

The couple has two children, 1-1/2-year-old Usher Raymond V and six-month-old Naviyd Ely Raymond. Tameka has three children from a previous marriage. According to the divorce petition, there is “no hope of reconciliation” between the pair. Tameka has not been seen in public since the plastic surgery fiasco that almost killed her — and it sounds like that’s the last quality time she and Usher spent together. Divorce rumors started flying last week when Usher was spotted leaving an LA hotel at 1 am with another woman in tow. At the time, a friend of Tameka’s said she had not received any divorce papers, but has unsuccessfully been trying to get a hold of Usher for several days. The next day, papers were filed in Fulton County, Georgia. Still no official statement from Tameka, but Usher was spotted at LAX sans wedding ring — statement enough, really. Some media outlets are reporting the two wed in a lavish 2007 ceremony, but that’s not the case. Usher called off the huge bash because his mother disapproved of Tameka. He also found out some sordid details of her criminal past — including a jail stint for petty theft and welfare fraud. Tameka talked him back up the aisle, and the couple tied the knot a week later in a decidedly low-key ceremony in his attorney’s office. Rumor has it Tameka, who was pregnant with baby Usher at the time, threw in a health scare as marriage insurance. The marriage was doomed before it began. Usher’s mother is dancing in the streets.

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