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Susan Boyle skips Britain’s Got Talent concert

We recently reported that Susan Boyle, international superstar thrust into the spotlight overnight on Britain’s Got Talent, checked herself into a clinic for mental health. She was scheduled to perform this past weekend and did not appear.

Susan Boyle performs in BirminghamBoyle was due on stage for a live performance at the Britain’s Got Talent live tour however doctors indicated the stress would be too much to handle. While the audience was no doubt sorry to hear they wouldn’t be hearing Susan Boyle at the Manchester Evening News Arena, there’s a bigger issue at hand: how is she doing?

Could you imagine going from a small town in Scotland into a household name around all corners of the globe? While Boyle’s rep has confirmed she’ll be on stage today, the jury’s still out if this is too much for her to handle. It may, in fact, be too much for anyone to handle given the glaring spotlight! The 48-year-old church volunteer has received numerous standing ovations for her performances on Britain’s Got Talent. Boyle has apparently been hounded by the relentless press in London, in particular after coming in second in the finals to a dance troupe.

In this day and age though it seems amazing and almost downright unheard of that someone is known for their talent and not solely their looks. Boyle has indicated in reports that she mustered up courage to perform when she visited an Irish shrine after her mother passed away. Susan Boyle informed the judges she wanted to show the world she was able to do something with her life. And do something she did!

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