The Bachelorette and The Closer burn bright

Jun 15, 2009 at 6:36 p.m. ET

The Bachelorette is keeping Mondays hot while Kyra Sedgwick and The Closer become involved in a kidnapping gone wrong.

Friday, I spent the day on the set of The Bill Engvall Show and I wish I could have brought all of you with me. Bill, and Nancy and the kids welcomed me into their TV home like I was a member of the family. Nancy looks fabulous, by the way, and she told me she owes it all to jogging -- not something she looks forward to doing, mind you, but it does keep her in shape. More power to her, I say!

The cast of The Bill Engvall show in living color

I found out that the episode they were filming was about Bill taking son Trent out to buy his first car. Since my son just got his driving permit this week, I asked the kids, Jennifer, Graham and Skyler, if they had advice for me in this regard. Jennifer was firm on the fact that I should spend a good number of hours in the car with my son, making sure he learned the rules of the road. Graham said that trust was the important factor, then suggested I buy him an old car because, "face it, he's going to wreck it." At that point Skyler jumped in with a story about how Graham drove the car into a house but Graham said he merely, "scraped the house." So, it didn't really count. Are we sure these three aren't related in real life because they sure do sound like siblings.

After a set tour and some chat, I joined the studio audience to watch them film their final episode. (Friday, I erroneously said they were filming their first episode.) The hours just flew by, thanks in part to their audience entertainer Ron. Then the cast hung around to sign autographs, something that almost never happens at a show taping. Seriously, could Bill and his bunch be any sweeter? I don't think so.

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Jillian is The BacheloretteTonight's top picks:

The Bachelorette

Jillian, still stunned by the revelation that some of the men may have girlfriends, is determined not to let it destroy her strong feelings for the remaining ten bachelors.

She brings them to one of her favorite Canadian vacation spots, the resort town of Whistler, but she seems to be the only one who isn't aware that one man is not there for the right reasons.

The spectacular beauty on the top of a glacier is the backdrop for the final individual date. A playful day in the snow leads to a steamy night in the hot tub. But in a shocking surprise, one man discloses something to Jillian that totally devastates her.

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The Closer & Raising the Bar

It's a whole new season for two of TNT's hottest shows.

First up on The Closer, the apparent kidnapping of a rich financier under investigation for ripping off investors leads Brenda's squad to think he may have staged his own abduction.

 The Closer is after Blood MoneyThen, on Raising the Bar, Jerry and Michelle go before a new judge (John Michael Higgins — Best in Show) whose courtroom rules are so draconian they make Judge Kessler's rules seem quaint by comparison and Marcus scores a date with the borough president's chief of staff, who also happened to be the head juror on a case Marcus lost the week before.

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Tonight you'll meet Russ who is an extreme hoarder. He has completely filled up his apartment, forcing him to sleep outside. He's also afraid that the Fire Department will come to his house and he won't be able to clean enough in time to pass inspection. If this happens, Russ fears he'll become homeless. Can Psychiatrist Dr. Becky Gladding help?

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News and notable

CBS has ordered three more episodes of I Get That a Lot, their hidden camera show that has celebrities working mundane jobs.

Price is Right host Drew Carey and series announcer Rich Fields will make an appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful June 17 and 18 when two characters end up in the game show's audience.

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The Bill Engvall Cast on Set
The Bachelorette - Pictured: Jillian Harris. Photo: ABC/Kevin Foley
The Closer: Blood Money -- Pictured: Kyra Sedgwick, Jon Tenney and JK Simmons. Photo Credit: Karen Neal

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