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Liam Neeson on the A-Team?

Rumors are flying that Liam Neeson is emerging from his mourning to head up The A-Team. First, there’s Footloose — and now Hollywood is giving audiences The A-Team? Oscar nominee Liam Neeson?

Liam Neeson is in talks to head up The A-Team on screenThe ’80s seem to be en vogue — the new black, if you will — so the release of the feature film The A-Team on June 11, 2010 is no surprise.

Gossip Girl’s Chase Crawford may be the new Kevin Bacon in the Footloose film, but who will fill out The A-Team?

We hear that the pop cult classic A-Team roster is slowly being cast. Some industry insiders say that Liam Neeson is the front-runner for the role of Colonel John Smith. Others say He’s Just Not That Into You star Bradley Cooper may play Templeton Peck (aka Faceman, not to be confused with Facebook, the popular social networking site; insert laugh track here).

In the film, a bunch of veterans from the Iraq War seek to clear their names with the U.S. military. The four men were apparently framed for committing a crime — an interesting twist, considering the original television A-Team series was based on four falsely imprisoned Vietnam vets. Less campy than the original show, we hear the A-Team movie will have a more serious side.

While the jury’s still out on who will play the Mr. T role (remember that bodacious mohawk?), Bruce Willis and Woody Harrelson are rumored to be headlining the flick.

Neeson is supposedly immersed in talks to act as leader of the falsely accused foursome, who have no choice but to flee Los Angeles.

It’s hard to believe the A-Team originally aired on television back in 1983, lasting through 1987. With the tagline, “Heroes for Hire,” viewers watched Mr. T, Dwight Schulz, George Peppard and Dirk Benedict dominate ‘80s pop culture. A few years ago, there was talk of an A-Team television reunion, but after Peppard passed away, the idea was scrapped.

But, with Footloose and Fame remakes in full gear, Hollywood can’t resist a nostalgic trend. Thus, the A-Team gets its green light.

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