She's Got the Look returns

Jun 11, 2009 at 4:30 p.m. ET

She's Got the Look returns for its second season while So You Think You Can Dance sends their first couple home.

Top Chef Masters is masterfulAfter two nights of nothing new, TV finally picked up last night with the first performance show of So You Think You Can Dance (read my full recap here on and Top Chef Masters.

The new Top Chef series is kind of like Celebrity Apprentice -- the game is pretty much the same, but you have celebrity chefs competing to win money for a charity. In this first episode, three classically trained chefs went up against a self-trained, Texas steakhouse king. For their Quick Fire Challenge, they had to make dessert for a group of Girl Scouts. One notable difference between Masters and the original Top Chef is the relaxed attitude. It was fun to watch the chefs watching the girls critique their food. No tension, no backstabbing -- a truly nice change.

For the main challenge, the chefs had to cook a three-course meal in a college dorm room using only a toaster oven, microwave and hot plate. Using ingenuity and technique, they managed to turn out some incredible meals, including pork chops, soups and prawn mac and cheese -- which was kept warm with the steam in the shower! Everyone did a great job, but it was Hubert Keller who walked away with the prize. He'll come back in the final round to compete against the winners from the next few weeks.

The Listner continues on NBCIf you missed the premiere, Bravo will be running the episode 10 more times this week. Check your local listings for details.

Tonight's top picks: 

So You Think You Can Dance

The bottom three couples, as voted on by the viewers, will be dancing for their lives tonight. One boy and one girl will be sent home, but not necessarily two who danced together last night. 

Watch So You Think You Can Dance at 9:00 on Fox.

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The Listener

Don't listen to the critics who say The Listener isn't worth your time. It's not Emmy material, but for a summer evening, it's an appealing series about an everyman trying to do what's right. Tonight, Toby is plagued by visions of a missing girl after he bumps into a homeless man.

Certain that she's been abducted, he pursues the homeless man for insights into her whereabouts but he gets more than he bargained for, including the distinct feeling that this homeless man might share his psychic abilities.

Watch The Listener at 10:00 on NBC.

She's Got the Look

It's season two of She's Got The Look, a modeling competition for the over-35 set.

Highlights include 72-year-old Dolores De Vega from Los Angeles, 41-year-old carnival performer LeeAnne Locken from Dallas and Raquel Riley, who went from military to mom to modeling!

The ladies of She's Got the Look strike a pose

Watch She's Got the Look on TVLand at 9:00.

Emme says there's More to LoveNews and notable

Full-figured model Emme will host the new Fox dating series for plus-sized people, More to Love. It premieres on July 28.

Lipstick Jungle's Robert Buckley is joining the cast of One Tree Hill.

The View's Joy Behar is getting her own talk show.

In shades of Simon & Simon, FX is in development on a dramedy about brothers who become private eyes.

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