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Bret Michaels breaks nose

Bret Michaels broke his nose in a Tony Awards mishap that has the singer and reality TV star laughing.

Michaels was performing at the star-studded Tony Awards when he was a little late to duck behind a falling set piece that smacked him squarely in the face. Michaels reports that he awoke after the fall to three familiar faces.

Bret Michales moments before breaking his nose

Shrek, Donkey and Liza Minnelli greeted the Poison singer as his bandmates also rushed to his side. Shrek: The Musical was a multiple Tony-nominee, and to see those characters helping you up after a head accident must have been surreal.

“He told me, ‘All I remember is Shrek and the donkey helping me up, and Liza (Minnelli) giving me a towel,'” Michaels’ rep, Joann Mignano, tells People. “And Bret laughed when he heard that [host] Neil Patrick Harris said he gave new meaning to ‘head-banging.'”

The rock-reality star of Rock of Love was rushed to the hospital for an immediate CAT scan and x-rays after hitting the stage floor. Michaels had to have three stitches on his lip after performing with his band and the Rock of Love cast.

Host Neil Patrick Harris did in fact score hugely as host of the Tony Awards. Harris’ impeccable timing was on display, not only with the Bret Michaels joke, but throughout the entire broadcast. 

Bret’s date with scenery:

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