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Bridezillas is back!

It’s a brand new season Bridezillas. You know Bridezillas — the series that make men everywhere think twice about getting married!

Listen? Hear that? Don’t worry — hardly anyone else heard it either. It was the premiere of NBC’s newest drama The Listener and it tanked in the ratings. In all fairness, there was an NBA playoff game running against it, so that didn’t help, nor did the early panning of the series by critics.

I think people are missing out. The Listener is a nice little show about an everyday hero with an usual talent. What I like most is that star Craig Olejnik doesn’t overact when he has flashbacks or picks up people’s thoughts. He’s quite the low-key hero in the mode of Ghost Whisperer or Medium. And he doesn’t use his abilities just to solve crimes, he also, sometimes unintentionally, helps people out with their emotional issues and that’s a nice bonus. Was it riveting TV? No. But it was a nice way to spend the hour mostly due to Olejnik’s charming presence on screen.

Ruby Rockits charms

Speaking of summer shows, last night I got a first look at the new ABC Family series Ruby and the Rockits and I am hooked. The show was created by my favorite teen heartthrob, Shaun Cassidy, as a vehicle for his two brothers, David and Patrick. In the show, David and Patrick are ’80s rock stars who have had to move on. David is the diva who sings in a local Indian casino and still thinks he’s as hot as ever. Patrick is the settled one with a job, a house and family. Then Ruby shows up. She’s the daughter David never knew he had and she needs a place to live. Like magic, she brings the brothers together, starts making music with her cousin and the world is a better place. Sounds corny? Yeah, it is, a little, but that’s what makes it work. It’s a funny show with something for three generations of music lovers; be you a David Cassidy fan, an 80’s Hair Band fan or someone who grooves on The Jonas Brothers, you’ll want to watch Ruby and the Rockits. The show premieres in July on ABC Family.

Over on Fox it was a big night for So You Think You Can Dance. The Top 20 were cast and you can read more about that in my STYYCD report right here on SheKnows.

Weekend’s top TV top picks:

It’s reruns tonight with plenty of new shows premiering on Sunday.

The Next Food Network Star

This Sunday, The Food Network begins their search for another star. Like Top Chef with personality, these chefs not only have to compete in cooking challenges but they have to do it while talking to a camera. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

Bridezill in the!Watch the premiere of The Next Food Network Star Sunday at 9 on Food Network.

Don’t miss SheKnows twin interviews with Bobby Flay. First, advice for upcoming chefs — read here. Secondly, Flay shares the secret to his TV success here!


More meltdowns, more confrontations and more dramatic revelations are in store in this, their sixth season. First up, Courtney is a Southern Bridezilla with a flair for the theatrical! Meanwhile, Valerie is a beautiful California Bridezilla whose ego is only matched by her violent temper! Want to know more? Follow the brides on Twitter:

Follow Courtney on Twitter: @Cherrypotter77
Follow Valerie on Twitter: @BridezillaVal

Watch Bridezillas Sunday at 9:00 followed by Amazing Wedding Cakes at 10:00 on WETV.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria and Any Dream Will Do

BBC America has a double dose of musical fun as they end one hunt for a West End star and begin another. First up, at 8:00, it’s the finale of Any Dream Will Do. One talented young man is about to walk away with the starring role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and I hope it’s Lee!

Next, it’s the girls’ turn as they fight for the lead role in a revival of Sound of Music in How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria which premieres at 10:00.

Watch both shows beginning at 8:00 on BBCAmerica.

Also for the musical lover, The Tony Awards will air on CBS on Sunday night.

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Ruby & The Rockits – Pictured: David Cassidy as David Gallagher, Alexa Vega as Ruby Gallagher, Austin Robert Butler as Jordan Gallagher, Patrick Cassidy as Patrick Gallagher, Katie A. Keane as Audie Gallagher and Kurt Doss as Ben Gallagher. (ABC Family/Bob D’amico)
Bridezilla Valerie Nieto, as featured in episodes 601, 602 and 603. Photo credit

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