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The Answer Man exclusive starring Lauren Graham

Gilmore Girls Lauren Graham returns in The Answer Man, a film from first-time director John Hindman. The Answer Man has given SheKnows an exclusive look at stills from the upcoming film.

Graham stars alongside Jeff Daniels, Lou Taylor Pucci and Kat Dennings who made such a splash in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

Lauren Graham and Kat Dennings in The Answerman

The Answer Man is the story of Arlen Faber, an author who would rather keep to himself than engage with the public at large. His hit book Me and God has put a new spin on spirituality. As his still popular book celebrates its 20th anniversary, Faber is still as in-demand as ever.

Getting to know you: Jeff Daniels in The Answer Man

When Arlen meets Elizabeth (Graham), sparks fly. Graham’s character is a single mom raising a seven-year-old solo. Pucci’s character is fresh from rehab and, like Graham, seeks out Daniels for all the answers to life’s mysteries.

Kat Dennings in The Answer Man, in theaters July 21

The only problem is Arlen has been getting by on faking it for over two decades. It is only when the real problems of real people collide with his life, does the character begin to see the light.

Does The Answer Man have all the answers, hardly!

The Answer Man trailer

Check out the preview to The Answer Man, in theaters July 24.


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