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So You Think You Can Dance: it’s Vegas time!

The Las Vegas round of So You Think You Can Dance grooves on Fox while Law and Order says goodbye for the summer.

That was one heck of a season finale on Law & Order: SVU last night, though I must say I was a little miffed by which member of the cast bit the big one. Spoilers ahead! The episode began with what should have been an open and shut case but Stabler and Benson’s foot got caught in the door. The killer was a mentally challenged young man who thought the whole world was spying on him. The cops find the murder weapon in his apartment but a clerical error in logging the evidence allows the man to walk. Who’s responsible for this mess? Creepy CSI tech Dale (Noel Fisher). Suddenly bodies are dropping left and right as the killer goes after everyone who done him wrong including the chief lab rat and finally Stabler.

Oh wait, it’s not the killer, it’s creepy Dale exacting his revenge on all the people who were nasty to him. Huh? He does say he was trying to correct his mistake and put a killer behind bars but now he’s just out for blood, Stabler’s and it isn’t pretty. The only thing creepier than Dale, is the seduction Olivia uses in order to get control of the situation.

Law and Order takes the summer offSuffice to say, the second half of this episode was a total mess. The saving grace of this episode were the guest stars, Kelly Bishop (Gilmore Girls), Carol Kane and Judith Light.

Over on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, I hear Spencer and Heidi have quit the show. . . again. No, for real this time. Or at least until it’s too late for Heidi to be the woman voted off the island.

Tonight’s top picks:

Law & Order

Law & Order ends their 19th season with this politically themed episode that starts with the murder of a charity exec but lands squarely on the re-election race for District Attorney.

Stalking, blackmail, and there’s probably a sex-scandal thrown in for good measure. When Law & Order returns in the fall, it will tie Gunsmoke as the longest running scripted prime-time drama in the US.

Dancing in Vegas on So You Think You Can DanceNow that’s something to be proud of. Watch the season finale of Law & Order on NBC at 10:00.

So You Think You Can Dance

With the exception of a few returning favorites, these dancers have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into. It’s Vegas week on So You Think You Can Dance and they’re about to experience pressure like they’ve never felt before. There are a lot of talented dancers but only a few spots at the top. It’s going to be a tough week for everybody.

Watch So You Think You Can Dance on Fox starting at 8:00.

The Cougar

It’s down to Jimmy and Colt so Stacey decides to introduce them to her children, 16-year-old Graham, 14 year-old Delaney and 8 year-old Tatum. If that doesn’t send one of these two bachelors running for the hills, then nothing will! Stacy makes the decision of a lifetime, tonight on the season finale of The Cougar.

Watch The Cougar at 10:00 on TVLand.

The Cougar: finale preview

News and Notable

TLC will air a preview of the new Kelly Ripa produced series Masters of Reception. The show follows the Frungrillo family who run a New Jersey catering business that has served both Frank Sinatra and the Pope! Watch the one-hour preview on June 12 at 10:00 on TLC.

Ginger or Mary Ann? That’s the kind of questions you’ll hear on VH1’s new pop-culture show The Great Debate. The show premieres on July 6 with Michael “Let’s get ready to rumble” Buffer as the host.

Is your husband a baseball freak? Upload a video at and he could win a baseball themed Man Cave built in your very own home.

Casting Call: It’s time to begin the search for the next American Idol. Auditions begin on June 14 in Boston and from there it’s on to Georgia, LA, Orlando, Denver, Chicago and Dallas. Visit for all the details and good luck!

Photo credit:
Law & Order: The Drowned and the Saved — Pictured: (l-r) Alana De La Garza as A.D.A. Connie Rubirosa, Sam Waterston as District Attorney Jack McCoy, Linus Roache as A.D.A. Michael Cutter — NBC Photo: Will Hart
So You Think You Can Dance: Choreographers Tabitha Dumo (L) and Napoleon Dumo (R) teach dancers Hip Hop at the Las Vegas Callbacks. Cr: Kelsey McNeal/Fox

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