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Taylor Swift is one clean kid

Taylor Swift has got it going on. While most young stars like Lindsay Lohan have been in the news for drinking and drugs, Swift is a rare gem in the entertainment business.

Taylor Swift is FearlessOn Sunday’s Dateline, Swift clearly illustrated how she is still a 19-year-old teenager who acts as such.

Swift, at only 19, is also headlining her own national tour, Fearless.

Here’s the thing: Taylor Swift writes her own songs, has major input and creative vision on the production of her concerts and get this – she walked away from a contract from RCA because they refused to let her record her own songs.

Look who’s having the last laugh now! Taylor’s Fearless Tour 2009 will gallivant to 52 cities in 38 states in the US and Canada over six months. She’ll play guitar and piano and experience multiple costume changes in the three-act show.

Taylor Swift is hitting the road this summerThis is how big Swift is: tickets for her May 22 show in Los Angeles sold out in two minutes. Two minutes!

Other venues such as New York City also sold out in record time.

No stranger to technology, Swift is very connected to her fans. On her MySpace page she indicates that her Dad is a social butterfly and “loves being on tour.”

She also tweets a lot (@taylorswift13). The funny thing is Taylor brings her fans directly on her pimped out tour bus.

On her blog she writes about funny stories like the time she walked into a quiet, peaceful, serene hotel lobby after eating dinner. All of the sudden someone starts screaming, “Hey! That’s Taylor Swift!”

At which point Swift needs to tell her father to please stop doing that.

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