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Obama’s NYC date night: Too much?

President and Michelle Obama hit New York for date night this past June, and locals could tell immediately as critics weighed in on the trip’s appropriateness.

There are certain things you know as a New Yorker as you stroll down a street. When it’s Fleet Week (after all, there are adorable sailors everywhere. And yes, they’re in uniform!),
when the Yankees are in the playoffs (there’s a certain buzz in the air), when the UN is in session (midtown traffic simply stops at a standstill) and when a president is in town.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama jet to Manhattan this past weekend and took it by storm. Roads were barricaded, the Secret
Service were in full effect and you knew someone special was in the vicinity.

President Obama and the First Lady arrived at JFK airport on a small jet. Next up? Jetting (literally, they took a small jet) into Manhattan for dinner at the en vogue restaurant of restaurants,
Blue Hill.

The Obamas head into the theater

Could you imagine dining there and voila! The A-list couple is sitting next to you? Apparently the fellow diners did not have a huge warning saying the Obamas would be eating among them.

Next up on date night: Broadway! The Obamas hit the Great White Way to see Joe Turner’s Come and Gone. We can only imagine how hard it must be to now get a reservation at Blue Hill
or tickets to the Broadway show!

The date night on Broadway was the result of the president’s vow to take her there after campaign season ended. Between the Obamas in town and Prince Harry’s recent visit, one can say
that an intrepid New Yorker never knows which royalty member will step foot in Gotham!

The Obamas take their seats

What do you think? Should the president be able to take his wife out to dinner and a play as Obama did this past weekend?

Let us know!

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