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The Biggest Loser scandal quiets

The Biggest Loser has their first scandal. Although, producer pressure may cease any action before it begins.

Jillian Michaels at the NBC Universal experienceLet’s face it: any time you hear the word scandal it’s easy to cringe. Especially when it’s associated with a feel-good reality show!

The scoop: last season during The Biggest Loser you may recall trainer Jillian Michaels and Filipe Fa got into a bit of a heated argument. Apparently the dispute arose when the trainer and contestant exchanged words associated with Fa accusing the trainer of giving her team some drugs. The result? The Biggest Loser conducted an internal drug investigation. Talk about scandalicious!

Then, the actual disagreement that aired happened when Jillian refused to do a one-on-one workout with Filipe. Rightly so — after all, once he made that claim, the show had no choice but to conduct an investigation. Jillian felt betrayed and was also furious. The Biggest Loser did not shut down production during this time and the entire inquiry took about a week.

Since there are two sides to every story, Filipe says he never made the accusation. The executive producer is saying otherwise.

The show’s contestants are permitted to take multiple vitamins and caffeine supplements to get them through the day and vigorous workouts therein. The show’s medical staff distributes the supplements, not the trainers.

As the contestants complied with the investigation while trying to remain focused on becoming The Biggest Loser — working hard by working out — nothing was truly ever discovered.

Yep, it was all on the up and up! Filipe and Jillian have called a truce, but we wonder if it’s only a matter of time before a similar situation arises on other reality shows as well? We’ll simply have to tune in!

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