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Anthony LaPaglia on the food industry

Anthony LaPaglia finds the truth behind the lies on Without a Trace. The secret he and his wife, Gia, hope to get out in real life is about the state of the food industry and nutrition in America. Between their compelling PSA and films such as Food, Inc., a documentary chronicling the handling of the nation’s food resources from farm to kitchen table, they’re hoping change may be on the horizon.

In that vein, several Public Service Announcements (PSAs) have been produced by huge celebrities with even bigger hearts. LaPaglia’s wife joins him in calling for a change in how Americans see what they eat.

The food industry, as seen through Hungry for Change

Participant Media has created a massive social action movement that coincides with the release of Food, Inc. The Hungry for Change movement seeks to highlight the little things Americans can do to alter the long-term health of the nation’s food industry.

Anthony and Gia’s PSA

Food, Inc.’s menu

Food, Inc. is filmmaker Robert Kenner’s passionate look at our nation’s food industry. As anyone who has read The Omnivore’s Dilemma knows, the business of food is not as glamorous as the final product appears on The Food Network or in a fast-food advertisement.

Pressured by the food industry lobby, the USDA and FDA are almost helpless in launching any type of change. Through documentaries such as Kenner’s Food, Inc., however, change starts from the bottom up (to borrow an expression from President Obama’s campaign trail). Audiences who see films (whether scripted or documentary) such as Food Inc. and its precursors such as Supersize Me and Fast Food Nation are the people who will cause an alteration in how food arrives on our plates.

Food, Inc., which opens June 12, begs the questions: What is the industry is doing to our food… and what is that, in turn, doing to us? From beefed-up chickens to tomatoes that seem to stay ripe forever, is it progress when e coli and salmonella outbreaks occur almost monthly?

Food Inc. features interviews with Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation), Michael Pollan (The Omnivore’s Dilemma) and a bevy of entrepreneurs looking for their next million by making America safer and healthier.

Food, Inc. trailer

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